WWE’s music composers CFO$ were recently interviewed by MetalInjection.net and revealed a very interesting detail about Finn Balor’s Theme Song. Apparently, the entire theme song was made with Triple H’s guidance and The Game had heavy involvement in the creation of the song.

Here’s what the CFO$ said:

“As much as we’d like to take all the credit for Finn’s entrance ourselves, we definitely can’t. We had written the main riff and orchestral sections of the song and brought them to Triple H and the music team for a brainstorming session while down at an NXT event in Florida. Given the uniqueness of Finn’s character, we all knew his theme needed something special to make it fit him properly. Luckily, Triple H had the whole thing mapped out in his head – from the long, moody entrance of the demon – to the choir erupting during the breaks in the orchestra, giving the crowd that perfect moment to throw their arms up and scream. It’s no wonder this one went on to become a fan favourite.”

Here’s the Demon King’s theme song for those of you who might not have heard it:


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Darshan Sheth

Darshan Sheth is a 20-year-old news contributor from India. He has been writing about pro-wrestling in particular since late 2015 and has not looked back since.

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