Stu Bennett, the former Wade Barrett of WWE, recently opened up on the Nexus vs. Team WWE match from SummerSlam 2010. Bennett, speaking at his Bullhammer Tour in the UK, claimed that the Nexus was supposed to go over in the main event, but the finish was changed the day of the show.

The match, which featured Wade Barrett as well as Skip Sheffield (aka Ryback), Heath Slater, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Michael Tarber, and Darren Young facing off against John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho, R-Truth, John Morrison, Bret Hart, and Daniel Bryan, ended with Cena being the lone survivor for team WWE, eliminating Barrett and Gabriel in succession to win for Team WWE. According to Bennett, however, the members of the Nexus were told the week before they would win.

“We were pulled to one side and (WWE road agent) Arn Anderson says, ‘hey guys, here’s the finish.’…We get down to the final three which is myself and Justin Gabriel…against John Cena. And then we’re told ‘…and Cena’s going to beat you both and go over.’ At which point, I kind of thought he was joking just to gauge our reaction, and then we realized he’s not joking. This is serious; John’s going over.”

During a meeting with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon later that afternoon, Bennett was told that the reason the Nexus was losing was because McMahon felt “SummerSlam needed to have a happy ending.”

“At that point, I knew I was being lied to,” said Bennett, “it was a nonsense reply.”


It could be argued that since that loss, no one from the Nexus has been able to recover their momentum. Only Barrett and Ryback held a singles title in the WWE. Meanwhile only Otunga, Slater, and Young are employed by WWE (Young and Slater being the only active wrestlers). While Daniel Bryan came into WWE with the Nexus and was successful, he was not on Team Nexus at SummerSlam.

Watch the clip below:

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