Rumours have surfaced online recently that the WWE are planning another Superstar Shakeup in the coming months, except this time, there will be a twist. Not only will stars be moving from Raw to Smackdown and vice versa, but wrestlers from NXT will also be able to move and main roster stars will also be given the opportunity to go the other way.

While some may say that being sent to NXT is a backwards step for anyone currently on the main roster, but if NXT has shown us anything over the last year- it’s that it can revitalise someone’s career and give them a chance to develop away from the spotlight.

Right now there are several main roster superstars who could benefit from a move to NXT, whether it be to refine their character and in-ring style, or whether it’s because they have achieved everything they can in the WWE and NXT could provide them with the chance to give newer stars a rub. Here’s a look at six superstars who could benefit from a move to NXT in the coming months.

6) Apollo Crews


Apollo Crews arrived on the WWE main roster last year and looked set for big things. Unfortunately, his character has failed to gain any momentum in the last 12 months and he has spent the last few months working as a sidekick for Titus O Neil.

While this may be the most interesting thing he has done, it is still not what people were expecting from him following his excellent performances in NXT. Sending Crews back would give the company the chance to change his character up and figure out a way to get him to reconnect with an audience that is becoming increasingly apathetic towards him.

5) Tye Dillinger

Tye Dillinger has only just arrived on the main roster, and while he is very much over with the audience, it is clear that the WWE writing staff have absolutely no idea what to do with him right now.

Since his arrival after Wrestlemania, Dillinger has just been in pointless match, after pointless match, with Aiden English. His recent loss to English on the pre-show of Battleground highlights how the current booking team seeing and if that is the case then he is better off back in NXT.

Dillinger doesn’t need to do much in terms of development- he should just be sent down to give him something to do until creative have clear ideas for him on the main roster. The Full Sail faithful would also pop massively if he were to return to the brand, instantly making him relative once again.

4) Mike Kanellis

Despite only having just made his debut on Smackdown, it is already quite clear that Mike Kanellis’ character is not going to succeed. The former Mike Bennett has been lumbered with a gimmick that was dead on arrival and his recent PPV loss, on his debut no less, to Sami Zayn is a huge indication of what the WWE has in line for him at the moment.

Kanellis would be best suited moving to NXT. Bennett is an incredibly talented wrestler and a gimmick change away from the main roster would really benefit him. It would give the WWE universe a chance to get to know the character without all the pressure that comes from being on the main roster. Kanellis could be great in WWE, they just need to sort out his gimmick, and fast.

3) R-Truth

R-Truth’s days on the main roster are numbered. His recent split with Goldust showed us that the former US champ still has a decent run left in him, though, and a run in NXT could really help, especially if the veteran was used to put over some fresher talent.

Sitting on the main roster, Truth is basically just a comedy act/jobber who is waiting to retire. A run in NXT could allow his character more freedom and could give the guy some real ring time before he finally hangs up his boots.

2) Enzo Amore

Enzo’s recent split with Big Cass was one of the better angles we’ve seen on WWE TV recently and Cass is looking set to become a solid upper mid-carder on the RAW roster. Enzo, however, is going nowhere fast.

The bonafide thug and certified G, while still remaining over with large proportions of the fan base, has become somewhat grating over the last six months and it is difficult to see him succeeding as a solo star.

Rumours have also begun to circulate online that Enzo has been getting some serious heat backstage and this is not likely to help his character on TV. The solution to this problem would be to ship Enzo back to NXT.

While NXT is certainly not in a bad place at the moment, the presence of Enzo on the show each week- potentially with a new tag team partner, could really help shift some merchandise for the brand and bring some viewers back in. It would also stop Enzo from getting squashed week in, week out, on the main roster and becoming even more of a joke than he is right now.

1) Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler has achieved all he is ever going to in the WWE. While he is a two time World Heavyweight Champion, his days of being a serious title contender are way behind him.

He is now, a glorified jobber to the stars and is currently doing a whole load of nothing on Tuesday nights. With the US title scene being dominated by the likes of AJ Styles and Kevin Owens too, Ziggler needs a change.

Moving to Ziggler to NXT would be the best move for all involved. He would no doubt put on some great matches with the likes of Drew Mcyntire, Bobby Roode and Aliaster Black and a victory over Ziggler would also help elevate those guys further before their ascension to the main roster.

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