I’ve mentioned before that I believe Chad Gable is destined for big things. I’ll say it again. He’s destined for big things. When WWE does decide to showcase him more, they’ll have to do it right. His first few opponents will play a very big role. Look at AJ Styles; by working with Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, and John Cena, he proved that he was ready to be a champion.

Gable, of course, will not be afforded the same treatment as AJ Styles. They will not let him feud with some of the company’s top stars right away. His opponents will still matter, though. They will need to bring out the best in the former Olympian and help him showcase his talent. I believe these three people will do just that.

Dolph Ziggler

Yes, I would very much like it if Dolph “Heat Vacuum” Ziggler fought with Mr. Chad. Why would I want Ziggler, the man who had a stinker of a match with Shinsuke Nakamura (at the latter’s debut, no less), to feud with the former Tag Team Champion? It’s quite simple.


Ziggler is a former amateur wrestler as well. A quick Wikipedia check reveals that he once set the record for most victories for Kent State University. Between 2000 and 2003, he won 121 times. He’s also a three-time All-Mid-American Conference champion. Not bad. In fact, it’s very good.

A fight against Gable would bring out Dolph’s more technical, mat-based style. The whole style in general is not something we see too much of in WWE. It would be a fresh encounter, and Ziggler the veteran can help Chad improve what he needs to. With both men grappling and actually wrestling, it would make for a fun contest. It won’t be Kurt Angle v. Brock Lesnar, but it’ll be something.


On a card where AJ Styles fought Kevin Owens and John Cena fought Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev and Chad Gable managed to stand out. Their match last week was seriously good. Gable looked competitive, and Rusev looked like an absolute beast. And those overhead belly-to-belly suplexes on the Bulgarian were truly something. It was amazing.

If one little TV match can be that great, I would definitely be interested in seeing a full-blown feud between them. Rusev is seriously underrated, both on the mic and in the ring, and a feud with Chad will help change that. If WWE can avoid taking the obvious “Foreign wrestler hates America, American fights him” feud, it will do wonders for both men.

Rusev has been in the company for around three years. He’s had his fair share of great matches, but I really believe that Chad Gable is the perfect opponent for him. If you’ve seen the match on Smackdown between the two, you’d know just why I feel that way. So, WWE, I hope you were watching what I just watched. I hope you saw how good those two clicked together in the ring. Do something, please?

Jason Jordan

It’s good that the former tag partners are on different brands, so this one can build up a bit. If both men ever become really big stars, then good for them. If, after they become big stars, they end up on the same brand, then good for us.

Both members of American Alpha are seriously good in the ring. Sure, their story on the main roster was botched, but they were putting on quality matches. Their bouts with the Usos are not talked about enough. The Tag Team Fatal Four-Way where they won the titles was also a great match. If they work that well together, imagine how well they would work against each other.

This doesn’t even need to be a blood feud where one hates the other or anything like that.  It could just be a series of matches to prove the better wrestler, or it could be a fun face v. face feud for a championship.

If they do go the “blood feud” route, then I think Jordan could work great as an arrogant heel. Gable can cut charismatic babyface promos, so Jordan should obviously be the foil for that. As long as they fight each other, I’ll be excited.

Steve Carrier

Steve is the Founder of RingsideNews. He has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He first got into website development at the time and has been focusing on bringing his readers the best professional wrestling news at it's highest quality.

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