While appearing on Wrestle Zone Radio, Ring of Honor CEO Joe Koff discussed the topic of CM Punk possibly returning to ROH and mentioned that the door is always open if he wanted to return.

“CM Punk would be an unbelievable addition for Ring of Honor. I don’t know where that would be or could be. It would be a dream. Wrestling talent knows this: once you are a part of Ring of Honor you are always a part of Ring of Honor. Our door is always open to people who want to come back and perform at our level, with our style and for our fans. That would be a dream. That would be unbelievable…CM Punk, if you’re listening or reading, I hope you are, you are always welcome in our house. You know that. He knows that. We’ve had conversations in the past through people. He knows that there is a welcome sign for him.”

When asked if he has spoken to Punk, Koff responded, “I haven’t spoken to him personally and I think it’s through intermediaries or whatever. I think his first goal was to be involved in his MMA stuff.”

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