WWE SmackDown Live Results – April 11 2017

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SmackDown Live opens with a shot of the lively Boston crowd and out comes Kevin Owens!

Owens, freshly shaven and wearing a suit, comes out to a huge response but he doesn’t look impressed. Byron Saxton has also moved to SmackDown Live – with David Otunga heading the opposite way – joining Tom Phillips and JBL.

Owens welcomes us to the “brand new Kevin Owens show.” He says SmackDown Live just got a huge upgrade because he’s here and he brought the United States Championship with him. He says it might be confusing that he is the US Champion, considering he is from Quebec, but they should rest easy knowing that the title is in good hands. He says that Canada is better than America and produces better athletes.

He asks if they’re angry with him, so he starts speaking French Canadian. They boo and he says they are morons for only speaking one language. He translates and asks anyone to step into the ring with him. He will beat the crap out of anyone who steps in the ring with him. Owens says he is here for himself and here to become the face of SmackDown Live, and the face of America.

Baron Corbin comes out. Corbin says he is certain Owens is tougher than anyone in the crowd. He’s sure he’s tougher than almost everyone in the back, but he isn’t tougher than him. Corbin says he beat Dean Ambrose so bad that he ran to Raw, and last night Ambrose beat Owens, and now he has run to SmackDown, so he shouldn’t be a challenge. Corbin says he wants a title and Owens is the only one out here with one. Corbin challenges him.

Kevin Owens says that Corbin doesn’t deserve an opportunity no matter who he beat. Sami Zayn emerges!! Owens looks like he has seen a ghost. He questions if this is reality and Zayn smiles before saying this is indeed real and he is announcing his move to SmackDown! Corbin says nobody cares that Zayn is here.

AJ Styles makes his way to the ring. The fans give a loud “AJ Styles” chant and he basks in it. AJ says this clearly isn’t the Kevin Owens show, it’s SmackDown Live. He says it isn’t about Sami Zayn, no offence, nor is it about Baron Corbin. This is about SmackDown Live, the house that AJ Styles built!

Daniel Bryan comes out to join the party. Bryan says that Owens is not a member of SmackDown Live; the US Championship is. He says whoever wins between Owens and Jericho at Payback, will become a part of SmackDown. He then announces that tonight we will have a number one contender’s Triple Threat match between Styles, Corbin and Zayn. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Later tonight, American Alpha challenge The Uso’s for the Tag Team Championships, and Shane McMahon will address the state of the Women’s Division. Randy Orton is shown walking to the ring for a match against Erick Rowan.

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Randy Orton Vs. Erick Rowan

Orton with big right hands early to Rowan in the corner. Rowan cuts him off with a back elbow. Orton with headbutts to Rowan and then catches him with a snap powerslam off the ropes.

On the outside, Orton sends Rowan into the steel ring steps. Rowan slides in, Orton does as well and gives Rowan his DDT off the ropes. Orton is ready to hit an RKO on Rowan when the lights go out.

When they are back, Bray Wyatt shows up on the screen and is calling out for Randy. He asks Randy if he can smell the stench of fear. Wyatt says he is everywhere and he is everything. Wyatt laughs as the lights come back on. Orton rolls out of the ring and Rowan hits him with the steel steps. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Randy Orton

After the match, Erick Rowan tosses Randy Orton back inside and gives him a full nelson slam in the middle of the ring. Rowan stands back up smiling.

The Usos defend the Smackdown Tag Team Titles against American Alpha next.

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WWE Tag Team Championships Match

(C) The Uso’s Vs. American Alpha

We start with Jason Jordan and Jey Uso. Jordan with a quick takedown on Jey. Chad Gable tags himself in and they hit a double suplex into a bridge on Jey for a two count. Jey pushes Gable to the corner and Jimmy Uso tags himself in.

Jordan tags himself in, both trip up Jimmy and knock Jey off the corner. Double dropkick to Jimmy by Alpha. Gable and Jordan then toss Jimmy over the top rope and stare down Jey on the outside.

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We are back live as Jey drops Jordan with a dropkick and tags in Jimmy. Jordan dumps Jimmy out and Jey hits the corner hard when Jordan moves. Jimmy pulls Jordan under the bottom rope, but Jordan kicks him away. Hot tag to Gable. Gable with clotheslines to both Usos. Gable with a german suplex on Jimmy.

Gable with a second on Jimmy. Gable with an overhead suplex on Jey. Gable with one on Jimmy as well. Gable goes up top and connects with a moonsault over Jimmy for a close two count. Gable clotheslines Jimmy over the top rope and avoids a shot from Jey in the corner again. Gable with an armbar on Jey over the ropes.

Jimmy breaks it up with a superkick on the outside. Jimmy goes up top attempting a splash and Gable gets his knees up transitioning into a small package for a close two count. Tag to Jordan who avoids a kick from Jimmy. Gable is up top, Jordan has Jimmy on his shoulders and Gable comes off the top with a bulldog. Jordan covers and Jey breaks it up. Gable is dumped out. Jey as well. Jordan is out next.

The Usos hit the ropes, attempt dives to the outside and both Jordan and Gable catch them hitting exploders instead. Gable tosses Jimmy back in. Jordan charges him in the corner. Gable has the tag. Jey with a superkick on Jordan. Gable dumps Jey over the to rope. Tag to Jey who drops Gable over the corner. Jimmy with a superkick and Jey with a splash off the top for the win.

Winners: The Usos

After the match, Primo and Epico attack Chad Gable. The Shining Stars are now part of Smackdown Live and the tag team division. Although they might not be using that gimmick because they were wearing jeans and looked serious.

Still to come: Jinder Mahal is one SmackDown and he’s challenging Mojo Rawley!

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