WWE SmackDown Live Results – April 11 2017

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Mojo Rawley Vs. Jinder Mahal

Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots is front row tonight. Took a while for commentary to even acknowledge Jinder was previously part of RAW.

Mojo with a big clothesline early on Jinder. Jinder with elbows to Mojo and then catches him with a high knee coming off the ropes. Mojo splashes Jinder in the corner and then eats a boot from Jinder in the other.

Jinder drops Mojo face first off the top turnbuckle. Jinder fires up and jumps out of the ring getting in the face of Gronk at ringside. Security is trying to keep Jinder back. Mojo walks out and clocks Jinder. Gronk then grabs a beer and splashes it in the face of Jinder. Back inside, Mojo catches Jinder with a huge elbow for the win.

Winner: Mojo Rawley

After the match, Mojo Rawley dives in the crowd and celebrates with Gronk. Mojo then jumps up on the announce table and puts on JBL’s cowboy hat to celebrate. We see a replay of the finish. Back live, Gronk gives Mojo a quick chest chop at ringside to celebrate.

Shane McMahon will address the Smackdown Women’s Division next.

*Commercial Break*

Rusev will joining SmackDown Live, although no mention of Lana.

Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring. Shane thanks the fans for their warm reception, and then thanks all the former SmackDown talent who moved to Raw. He says SmackDown Live is still the land of opportunity and thus comes the newest additions to the roster.

Shane invites the entire women’s roster to the ring, starting with the Champion, Naomi. Once all the ladies are in the ring, Shane says one of the reasons SmackDown’s women’s division is so great, is because of Naomi. James Ellsworth takes the mic and says that Naomi is a horrible Champion, and the only reason people tune in is Carmella. Naomi grabs the mic and tells Carmella to get Ellsworth into check. Naomi gives the mic back to Shane, who introduces the latest addition to the women’s roster. A second generation star. The daughter of a Hall of Famer…

Tamina comes to the ring and the fans chant for Sasha Banks. Shane says clearly they thought he was going to say a different name, and maybe he was. So, without further ado, perhaps “the greatest acquisition of the Superstar Shake-Up…”

*Commercial Break*

Back live, Aiden English is inside the ring and says the spotlight (the lights dim and a spotlight shines on him) is now on him. English is singing when he is interrupted. Tye Dillinger is headed to the ring to face English next.

Tye Dillinger vs. Aiden English

Dillinger trips up English early and fires up the Boston crowd with “10” chants. English with body shots and kicks to Dillinger in the corner.

English splashes Dillinger in the corner. Dillinger with chops. Dillinger with a takedown on English off the ropes. Dillinger with kicks to English as the crowd chants “10” along. Dillinger exposes the knee and connects with a backbreaker on English to get the pinfall win.

Winner: Tye Dillinger

We see a video package focusing on AJ Styles. We get a video showing Lana sitting in a chair, doing a similar dance to the one Summer Rae used to do with Fandango. She’s coming to SmackDown, with what looks like a new gimmick. Hopefully I’m wrong.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Dolph Ziggler in the middle of the ring. Ziggler says he’s staying right here on SmackDown Live, the show he carried on his back for years. He says people are excited right now about new superstars appearing but next week it will be a little less exciting, and less the week after. Eventually you won’t care and he’ll still be here doing what he does better than anyone. Dolph gets interrupted…

Dolph says he has no idea who Shinsuke is and the fans chant “Nakamura”. Neither man speaks, then the fans sing Nakamura’s music. Dolph hands Shinsuke his microphone, and he reiterates Dolph’s question, then says his name. Dolph turns to walk away, then looks for the superkick but Shinsuke catches it and pushes him back. Nakamura taunts Dolph to bring it but the heel slides from the ring.

We get a video package for Baron Corbin. These packages are a nice way to remind fans that SmackDown already has some huge talent. The Triple Threat is up next!

*Commercial Break*

We return and the commentators discuss Byron joining the team, then show us the next addition to SmackDown Live…

Triple Threat Number One Contender’s Match

AJ Styles Vs. Baron Corbin Vs. Sami Zayn

Corbon with a knee to Sami and Styles with rights to Corbin. Styles and Sami work over Corbin in the corner with kicks. Sami and Styles attempt a double suplex on Corbin, but Corbin counters and gives them a double suplex!

Corbin tosses Styles over the top rope. Styles hangs on and flips back in. Corbin then clotheslines Styles to the outside. Sami with rights and elbows to Corbin. Sami with a head scissors takedown and clotheslines Corbin over the top rope to the outside. Styles is back in staring down Sami.

*Commercial Break*

Back live, Corbin is working over Styles in the corner. We see during the break that Corbin caught Styles with a high back body drop. Corbin launches Sami to the corner. Corbin with big knees to Styles in the corner. Corbin gets in the face of the referee and catches Sami with a quick side slam for a two count. Corbin with a big boot on Styles. Corbin throws repeated elbows at Sami in the corner.

Styles with elbows, but eats a big clothesline from Corbin. Sami drops Corbin with a quick clothesline. Sami launches Styles over the top rope. Sami with a scary looking exploder on Corbin in the corner. Styles is back in and drops Sami’s neck over his knee. Corbin levels Styles with a clothesline. All three men are down. Styles catches Corbin with a big knee off the ring apron when Corbin slid out in the corner. Sami catches Styles with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a close two count.

Sami puts Styles up on the top turnbuckle, throws a chop, jumps up with Styles, Corbin has Sami on his shoulders and Styles misses a springboard when Sami rolls up Corbin for a two count. Sami catches Corbin with a boots in the corner. Corbin with Deep Six on Sami. Styles breaks it up. Corbin eats a kick from Styles after going shoulder first to the corner. Styles with a springboard 450 splash over Corbin and Sami barely breaks up the pinfall attempt. Styles and Sami exchange elbows. Corbin backs up to the corner as does Sami.

Styles with jumping clothesline splashes to both. Corbin clotheslines Styles and Sami next in the corners. Styles with a kick to Sami, Sami kicks Corbin, Styles with Pele Kick on Sami and all three men are back down. Styles attempts a Styles Clash. Sami counters. Corbin eats a Helluva Kick from Sami on the ring apron. Styles springboards up and catches Sami with a flying forearm to get the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

That’s it for SmackDown Live! What did you think of the Shake-Up? Are you happy with the new additions to the roster or is Raw better off? Let us know in the comments and be sure to jump over to our 205 Live results! Until next time, safe travels!

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