Clarification on The Hardy Boyz’ Contract Situation — Still WWE Bound?


As previously reported, The Hardy Boyz signed a new deal with Ring of Honor and there was some speculation that they may have only signed a short deal. It was then later reported by Dave Meltzer that their deal is not a short deal, however but the exact length was unknown.

Meltzer clarified his remarks on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer said he was unable to find out exactly how long the Hardy’s contracts with Ring of Honor are for and should know in the next couple of days after the company releases it’s upcoming schedule.

Bryan Alvarez mentioned on the same podcast that he heard from two different sources that the deal was a short one. If that’s the case, it would still be possible for The Hardys to return to WWE.

We will keep you updated as more information develops.

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