Impact Wrestling is at Universal Studios to tape upcoming episodes of Impact. Here is what was taped tonight for the March 16th and March 23rd shows.

* Drake vs. Moose. The match doesn’t take place because Cody Rhodes lays Moose out with a chair shot and CrossRhodes on the entry ramp. (Taped Thursday)

* Moose vs. Cody for the Impact Grand Championship. Still using the round system and judges. Round 1 has been awarded to Moose and Round 2 to Cody. Moose wins by split decision. (Taped Thursday)

* It’s announced that the Impact World Heavyweight Championship Title has been vacated. This means that Alberto Del Rio isn’t the champion no more.


* ODB defeated Rebel. The finish had some shenanigans with Earl Hebner taking Rebel’s hat and hissing her.

* Jeremy Borash announces that the vacant title has been return to Bobby Lashley.
* They run an advertisement for “Ringside with Jim Ross,” as seen below:

* Alberto Del Rio comes out and cuts a promo about he would still be the champion if not for politics. He calls out Bobby Lashley but gets EC3 instead. A brawl between the two breaks out after a verbal exchange. EC3 vs. Alberto Del Rio is announced with the winner earning the #1 contendership for the Impact World Title.

* X Division Championship: Suicide vs. Andrew Everett vs. Braxton Sutter vs. X-Division Champion Trevor Lee. Lee retrains after he pins Sutter.

* “Something to Wrestle” segment with Bruce Prichard. He announces that we will find out who the new tag team champions are when the top four teams battle to crown the New Impact Tag Team Champions. Decay interrupt and say they rescued the titles from space and time and demand Prichard give them the belts. Decay left standing. Out comes LAX. Konnan gets on the mic and says To Live & Die in LAX. Homicide hit the Gringo Killa on Steve. They laid out Rosemary with a 3D variation. They left Decay buried under The flags as an exclamation point.

* Davey Richards defeats Suicide with the Shining Wizard.

* Idris Abraham & Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara vs. Garza Jr. & Laredo Kid & Mahabali Shera. Shera pins Bokara to get the win.

* Reno Scum defeats Decay after Rosemary accidentally spits mist in Steve’s face.

* LAX defeats James Storm & Bram. Bram separates Kingston & Storm from fighting after the match. Storm in Bram’s face then leaves. Bram leaves & finally Kingston leaves.

* Xplosion: Angelina Love defeats MJ.

* Lashley defeats Jake Holmes in a squash match.

* Karen Jarrett returns. In-ring segment with Jeremy Borash. Karen says she is looking to changes in the future. “Fire Josh” chant breaks out. She’ll write that down on her list of changes. Thank You Karen chants. She thanks the fans & is interrupted by EC3. H tells Karen he is the top man reporting for duty, will make Impact great. Josh is in the ring now. Says the evil queen has returned (Karen). Josh says he thought Prichard was dead. Dutch is 267 years old. Josh Tells the fans who can’t afford NXT to shut up. He says soon the Jarrett’s will be gone forever. Karren slaps Josh & he bumps off it. JB flips him off before leaving with Karen. Madison Rayne comes out & consoles Josh. Madison thanks Josh for telling the truth & they both leave.

* One Night Only: Laurel Van Ness defeated Rachael Ellering.

* Rosemary defeated Santana Garrett.

* Alberto El Patron VS. EC3. EC3 taps to the Cross Arm Breaker. Patron puts EC3 over after the match. They shake hands.

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