AJ Styles Hints at Retiring in a Few Years

AJ Styles Hints at Retiring in a Few Years

A.J. Styles recently appeared as a guest on 97.9 The Box in Houston, Texas. Here are some highlights from the interview:

It being harder to maintain his ability as he ages: “The older you get, the less energy you have to maintain it! It is what it is, but if you still have that drive and you can still do it, why not? Get in the gym and get it done, and look good in the meantime.”

If his family gets angry with him being gone so much and a hint at retirement: “Work hard now, you enjoy it later. In a couple of years, I’ll be able to catch every football game, every baseball game, every basketball game, cheerleading, gymnastics, whatever they’re in.”

The radio hosts not wanting him to retire: “Man, I’m 40 years old!”


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  • Possible

    He may be 40 but he wrestles like he’s 30

    • L. Knight

      You spelled 20 wrong.


        People and their Typos nowadays

  • Mr. Sinister

    Dude still runs circles around anybody in the roster right now.

    • ScottyPNR

      90% of the roster who is 35 or older makes every person with a 6pack jealous. They make peoples 6 pack look like flubber

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