Incident Involving Fan & Security During The Shield’s Entrance on RAW

Incident Involving Fan & Security During The Shield’s Entrance on RAW

There was an incident on Monday’s RAW this week with WWE security staff and a fan when The Shield made their entrance through the crowd before their match against The Miz, Cesaro and Sheamus.

As the team was attempting to make their way through the crowd, an individual approached the trio and tried to take a photo as he had his phone in hand. When security tried to stop him, he stumbled down the steps and nearly bumped into Ambrose. Security grabbed the fan and shoved him away from The Shield.

You can see footage of the incident below:


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  • Melissa A. Klein

    Watch this shit he’s going to have to get a belt and some swag because he was roughed up Jesus Christ anybody to get free shit now and days

  • ScottyPNR

    Fuckin A cotton. Fans can’t even take a selfie with wrestlers anymore

    • Jeri Smith

      Problem is there is an appropriate time/place/way to get a selfie with them. This really wasn’t it.

      • Ortiz

        You’re not wrong. Problem is though, we live in a culture where people are being programmed by their phones (not the other way around). Mindless drones will continue to do this because they do everything else with their phone all day long without thinking, *especially* when they get excited about something. This is the culture now.

        • Karen B.

          Sad but true… the living dead indeed walk among us. They’re out in public taking repeated selfies for no apparent reason, or in would-be social situations only to look down fingering a tiny screen the entire time.

          …or taking selfies at awkward, inappropriate times like this man-baby.

      • ScottyPNR

        I don’t agree with it but the fan was bumped into Ambrose. Still ridiculous no matter how anyone sees it. He should have be more subtle about it. Go down 30 steps raise the phone like the shield is photobombing him.

  • Mr. Sinister

    Stupid selfie takers….put your phones away.

  • shak

    This was dangerous and stupid on so many goddamn levels is he not aware of the fact that hes on STAIRS if you’re going to try that shit at least move at a careful pace that kind of chaotic environment could’ve led to a slip which could’ve at the very least harmed himself Ambrose and then Rollins im pretty sure Rollins shoves him out of the way as hes approaching the stairs too this dude is an idiot

    • Omar

      Spot-on analysis. There was a ton of stupidity here on both sides.

      Although I’m siding with WWE security on this one (which is rare), as the brainless moron was clearly chasing them like a little fangirl.

  • NoGoodMickey

    Its honestly worse with 40 year olds then kids too. Young people understand boundaries and respect with a phone (at least for the most part, can’t speak for everyone) where older people think,”oh, it’s fine I’ll just break the rules, it’s just a selfie.” My wife’s mom will drive in the opposite lane to take a pic of something with no care. I think it’s about time we talk about this kind of shit. Not trying to make it about age. Just in general.

    • daleh33

      wait, WHAT? It’s the older people who are acting like fools with phones? Maybe in this case but in general who is the ones recording and posting what they are eating for breakfast? who posts every thing they see? who are the ones walking down the streets into traffic without looking up expecting all the cars to stop for them and who are causing the car accidents because they are texting or posting some stupid video on FB live or Instagram? sure the hell not the older folks but the younger self-centered children these days.

      • NoGoodMickey

        You’re not wrong. Stupid is stupid, no matter what age.

    • Kaiser

      Ehhhh, I see plenty of rudeness and stupidity with phones coming from all ages.

      Addiction to phones and other similar devices is screwing-up people of all ages and making them equally dumb.

      • Omar

        And depressed — I keep coming across studies lately linking this addictive behavior to suicides. There seriously needs to be more awareness on how over-exposure to this technology is literally ruining some people’s lives.

  • Prime

    He would have gotten a great picture with the back of the Shield’s heads. What a frikcin moron

  • Ivan

    ban selfies with superstars

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