Fan Tattoos Vince McMahon on Their Butt

As noted in our Dinner with The King Podcast recap, Jerry Lawler revealed that a fan showed him a tattoo recently of Vince McMahon. What’s most interesting is the tattoo is on the fella’s ass.

“[The fan] says, ‘I have Vince McMahon tattooed on my ass’,” Lawler said. “I go, ‘Well, show me!’ This guy is in line in front of a bunch of people and he drops his pants. And right there on this guy’s left cheek of his butt is a big tattoo of Vince McMahon. So I texted the picture to Vince, and the response I got from Vince was, ‘OMG.'”

Lawler revealed the photo on Twitter, which you can see below:

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