The Young Bucks Accuse The Revival of Stealing Their Passports & Cash

The Young Bucks Accuse The Revival of Stealing Their Passports & Cash

While traveling to Japan, Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks had his backpack stolen. The backpack contained his passport and about $2,000 worth of cash in it. Nick mentioned on Twitter that the whole incident costed him around $4000 in total and proceeded to blame The Revival for the thievery.



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  • Peterjohnjoseph

    Uh, I’m not entirely sure here.. but I think he’s jokingly blaming the Revival here. Not literally as the article makes it sound. Kind of like “I got a bad STD from a girl last night. I blame the Revival.”

    • Possible

      No Flips just Passports

  • vSnake

    I really hope this is a joke article.

  • Kyle Barbosa

    Yea, because when I lose my stuff, the first thing I do is try to make a joke connected to a dumbass meme Cody Rhodes tried to start…

    • Chops_the_Clown

      Actually they are joking and the thing with Cody on Being The Elite is a joke that started between the Revival & Cody on Twitter

  • Timmy Jarrell

    Yes they are not actually blaming The Revival. The entire Elite vs Revial stuff is all in good fun and I bet if they were aloud to The Revival would respond. Yet there is no actual story here other than friends trying to be funny and start feuds we all know can happen anytime soon.

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