Is CM Punk's UFC Career Over?

Is CM Punk’s UFC Career Over?

During today’s mailbag segment of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked about CM Punk’s status with UFC and what exactly they plan on doing with him. Meltzer mentioned that the UFC isn’t offering him any fights and that’s part of the reason he took the reality show project “The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros.”

Meltzer hinted that it would probably be best for Punk if UFC releases him so that he can go to Bellator. The feeling is that Bellator would be a better fit for Punk given his age and the promotion could find a better suitable challenger for him there.

Back in January Punk mentioned to Fox Sports that he was training for his next fight but questioned what the hold up was from UFC President Dana White.

“I am working on it feverishly. I’m throwing names at Dana (White), opponents, dates. I don’t know if he’s waiting for a Chicago show or what the deal is but if it doesn’t happen in the UFC, it will happen somewhere else. I’m dedicated to fighting and training. We’ll get there.”

We also noted a while back that Bellator was interested in bringing in the former WWE Superstar for a fight only if he’s not under contract.


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      With that logic nobody could ever rip on Donald Trump or any other world leaders. It doesn’t work that way, breh. This isn’t nazi Germany or communist Russia. Let people talk shit.

      Not like CM Punk gives a fuck anyway.

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