MJF is not afraid to speak his mind and he considers himself better than everyone. That is his routine and he’s not quitting yet after seeing so much success. Still, he thinks that the rest of the AEW roster could get on his level.

While speaking to Yahoo! Sports, MJF got prepared for Blood and Guts with a little interview. MJF said that the wrestling on Dynamite makes him want to vomit and he’s not a fan of high-flying antics either. He’s a hard man to please and living up his heel character.

“When I first got into the industry, I was already a student of the game. I enjoyed watching the [Nick] Bockwinkels, the [Ric] Flairs, the Tullys [Blanchard] — who I now get to work with every week — do their thing. The smartest thing about them, contrary to what you see now stylistically in professional wrestling, was that they didn’t want to get hit, they didn’t want to mess their bodies up.”

“When I watch professional wrestling on AEW Dynamite, I cringe, I want to puke in my mouth a little bit, because I see these guys and they are murdering themselves. They are jumping from the top rope to the floor, they are doing the loopy loops, the twisty turns, the flippity do-das, and they are killing themselves. Some of these people who are younger than me, and I’m already wildly young, might not be able to walk anymore when they get to my age.”

MJF will continue speaking his truth, and Blood & Guts will be a perfect opportunity for him to step it up. We’ll have to see how those old school sources of inspiration will be able to help him tell a story inside AEW’s new version of WarGames.

Felix Upton

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