AEW Full Gear Results – November 9, 2019

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Welcome to Ringside News’ live coverage of AEW Full Gear.

Tonight marks the first official PPV of the AEW Dynamite era, and Full Gear features seven matches and a Buy-In Show. The main event tonight is the AEW World Title match between Chris Jericho and Cody. This is, by a massive distance, the most interesting match of the night because it’s the match that has received the most TV time and the most story development. Cody says he won’t challenge for the AEW World Title ever again if he loses, and, with the added wrinkle of the judges, this is going to be fascinating and shape AEW for some time to come.

The other big match tonight is the unsanctioned bout between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley. Now, this is sure to be a barn burner and something akin to a car wreck, but it’s hard not to think AEW is overusing the unsanctioned gimmick. It seems like every other show we’ve got one of these matches, when really they should be used incredibly infrequently to convey how big of a deal it is. Regardless, expect fireworks here.

The AEW Women’s Champion, Riho, will defend her title against Emi Sakura tonight in a match that should be fun. Honestly, there isn’t much else to say about this one because the extent of story heading into tonight is that Emi pinned Riho in a tag match on Wednesday. That’s it.

Which brings us to the rest of the card, SCU faces Private Party and Lucha Bros in their first defense of the AEW Tag Team Championships; this match is sure to be balls-to-the-walls action with zero rules or logic. And that goes for The Young Buck Vs. Santana & Ortiz as well. Sure, AEW’s tag matches are fun but a shred of logic and selling would go a very long way. Then we have “Hangman” Adam Page Vs. PAC, Joey Janela Vs. Shawn Spears, and Bea Priestly Vs. Britt Baker on the Buy-In Show.

I’m sounding pretty down on this PPV but that’s just because the majority of matches haven’t an ounce of story built into them and there’s no excuse for that when AEW’s had four weeks of TV to build feuds. That said, I fully expect this show to be fun as all hell when it comes to the in-ring product. So be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, or by downloading the Ringside News app, and enjoy the show!

The Buy-In

The Full Gear pre-show begins and we go right to a video package for The Young Bucks Vs. Santana & Ortiz match tonight. The Bucks say they need to win this match because they no longer know if they are the best tag team in the world. Santana and Ortiz say they need to win because they’re hungry and they need to assert themselves as the best. Jim Ross predicts Santana & Ortiz will win because eventually the best are always dethroned.

Next we get a video for Jon Moxley Vs. Kenny Omega. They talk about Moxley’s injury and his rehabilitation. Omega meanwhile went back to Japan to rekindle his love of wrestling. We see footage of Moxley visiting the CZW building, where he had most of his indie matches. Omega visits Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, where he had many of his greatest matches.

Cody challenging Chris Jericho for the AEW World Title is the next video package. The people in the video talk-up Jericho’s historic run in the business and why he’s the man, while also discussing how much the fans love Cody and what he represents moving forward. JR says this is Cody’s big chance to step out from his father’s shadow and cement himself as a big player in the industry.

We go live to the arena and on commentary we have Goldenboy, Taz, and Excalibur. The ramp runs all the way to the ring, like old WCW or some TNA shows. It’s time for our first match of the evening.

Bea Priestly Vs. Dr. Britt Baker

Baker stomps to the ring and she’s ready to fight. The bell rings and Bea retreats from the ring. She gets back in but Baker hits her with a Thesz Press and unloads some right hands. Bea leaves the ring again. Priestly comes back in and Baker hits her with a slam via the hair, then looks for a backslide but Bea rolls through. Baker looks for the Lockjaw but Priestly rolls out and kicks Britt in the head.

Bea slows the pace down and drags Britt under the bottom rope and stretches her around the ring post. Priestly swaggers around ringside before getting back in and choking Baker on the middle rope. Priestly follows-up with a running knee attack to Baker on the ropes for a two count. Baker looks for a body slam but her back gives out and Bea kicks her in the head for a near-fall.

Priestly applies a body scissors but Baker punches her way out and they exchange shots on their feet. Bea whips Baker to the ropes, she ducks the lariat, then both hit stereo lariats and go down. We see Darby Allin watching at ringside. They get to their feet and Baker hits a few right hands, followed by a lariat and a back elbow. Shining Wizard in the corner from Baker, then whips Bea to the other corner but Priestly springboards over Baker, only to get dropped with a clothesline. Baker hits a swinging neckbreaker for a near-fall.

Bea dodges Baker in the corner, then heads up-top. Baker sweeps the legs of Bea on the top rope and climbs up with her. Avalanche brainbuster from Baker, then she looks for a second Amigo but her back gave out. Baker drops Bea with a kick for a two-count, then Priestly reverses into a crucifix pin for a two-count. Bea hits a German suplex, then rolls through and hits a leg-trap German suplex for a near-fall. Bea applies a submission but Baker reaches the ropes.

Baker rolls to the apron but Priestly connects with a double foot stomp from the top rope. Priestly gets her back inside for a near-fall. Bea lifts Baker up in an electric chair position, looking for Queen’s Landing, but Baker slides down the back and hits a Canadian Destroyer for a near-fall – how many of those will we see tonight? A superkick from Baker, then looks for Lockjaw but Bea pulls her hair to get out. A second superkick from Baker, followed by Lockjaw again and Priestly taps!

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker

After the match and Britt leaves, we get some music and candles burning in the screen. The lights go out and Awesome Kong is on the stage with Brandi Rhodes. Kong stomps to the ring and drops Bea with a spinning back fist Kong pulls out a knife, then hands it to Rhodes, before hitting an implant buster. Brandi hands the knife back to Kong, then pulls a part of Bea’s hair and Kong cuts it off. Kong smells the hair before leaving with Brandi.

And that’s it for The Buy-In. AEW Full Gear begins now!

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