WWE Clash of Champions 2019 Results

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The Revival make their way to the ring for tag team action.

SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships

(C) The New Day Vs. The Revival

Woods starts the match against Dash Wilder. Dawson tries to cause a distraction but Woods is smart to it and attacks Wilder, forcing him to the corner. Dawson causes another distraction and this time Dash kicks the knee from Woods. Big E runs around and connects with a clothesline to Dawson on the floor.

Woods chops the chest of Dash Wilder, then Big E tags in and connects with an STO. Big E drags Wilder under the bottom rope and clubs his chest repeatedly. Dawson attacks Big E, and Dash clotheslines him off the apron and E lands hard on the floor. Dash gets Big E back in the ring for a two count. Dawson tags in and they double-team slingshot Big E into the bottom rope.

Dash grinds Big E and slows the pace to a crawl. Tags are made to Woods and Scott Dawson. Woods knocks Dash off the apron and connects with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, followed by a flipping clothesline to Wilder. Woods catches Dawson with a rope-assisted DDT. Big E attacks Dawson on the outside, so Dash attempts a suicide dive but Big E catches him. Big E looks for a belly-to-belly but Dawson attacks Big E again and they hit him with a Shatter Machine on the floor.

Dash and Dawson surround Woods and look to beat him down. He fights valiantly but the numbers game is too much for him. They hit Woods with the Shatter Machine but don’t go for the pin. Instead they rip Woods’ tights, and Dawson applies an inverted Figure Four and Woods taps!

Winners and New Tag Team Champions: The Revival

Dash and Dawson stand on the ramp with their new titles. Dawson sasy the fans are welcome because they have been revived. He says no longer will the titles be dipped in pancake batter and no more stupod trombone or hip swivels. The old school has shut up the new noise. Dawson says this is greta but later tonight Randy Orton extinguishes the flame of Kofi Kinston. And then it will be a new day!

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