WWE SmackDown Live Results – September 10th, 2019

Erick Rowan Vents

Erick Rowan came out to new music and he cut a promo in the ring. He got a little bit of time to talk about how he terrorizes and brutalizes. Then Roman Reigns came out and hit a Superman Punch right from the jump.

Rowan went out of the ring and then Roman followed. Rowan landed a kick, but Rowan was thrown over the barricade and they fought in the crowd.

Then moved back to the ringside area and then Roman hit two more Superman Punches. Security came down to separate them and then Rowan picked up “a fan” and powerbombed him into the crowd of security. Sooo… he’s fired.

Security tried to get Rowan to leave, but he ran around the ring to take out Rowan again and drag Reigns up the ramp. Then Rowan grabbed the camera crane and sent it into Roman.

Then they finally got Rowan to leave.

Later, they showed Rowan backstage and he was just pacing back and forth saying “Roman” over and over again.

Bayley vs Ember Moon

Charlotte Flair was on commentary for this one.

Bayley took control early on with some strikes and kicks, but Flair didn’t seem too impressed.

Moon caused some separation and began to fight back. She hit a step-up kick to the head before hitting a springboard crossbody for a two count.

Ember nailed a kick to the shoulder, but she missed an Eclipse. Then Bayley nailed a Bayley To Belly for the win.

Winner: Bayley

Kevin Owens was backstage in a referee shirt and he seemed conflicted about what he is going to do tonight.

Kofi Kingston

It’s a New Day, yes it is! Kofi Kingston came out and MSG was happy to see him. Kingston said it feels great to be back in MSG and then he brought up how he stepped up to Randy Orton around a decade ago.

Then he showed the footage of that night on November 16th, 2009.

Randy Orton showed up in the crowd and he kept saying “Stupid” over and over again like he’s been known to do recently. He said that none of the things that Kofi is proud of matters. He’s taking the title from him because he’s always phony. “I don’t know if it was those dreadlocks, or that phony Power Of Positivity sh*t.”

Then Kofi Kingston went out into the crowd only to get whacked with a chair over and over again. Kofi battled back and then he grabbed the chair and got some shots in.

Then Kofi Kingston set up a table and laid Orton on it. Kingston climbed to the railing and did a Boom Drop on RKO reenacting a classic move from a decade ago.

Shane McMahon vs Chad Gable (Kevin Owens as special referee)

This match lasted 30 seconds before Kevin Owens counted to three on a roll up and Gable won.

Winner: Chad Gable

Shane McMahon grabbed the microphone and made it a 2 out of 3 falls match before proceeding to beat Gable around the ringside area.

This match continued as KO officiated. Then Gable ended up hitting some kicks and a neckbreaker on Shane McMahon.

Gable landed a moonsault and then Kevin Owens had a very slow count so Shane was able to kick out.

Shane got the upperhand and hit an Angle Slam, but Gable kicked out of the fast count. Then McMahon got a chair. Owens took the chair and then Shane went running at Chad, but he ended up in an ankle lock before tapping out.

Winner: Chad Gable

After the match was over, Shane McMahon jumped Kevin Owens and “fired” him.