The Taz Show Recap – Smackdown Live Analysis, Neville’s Release Request, Harper & Rowan Return, More!

Blocks 3 & 4:

If Taz was booking, he’d have Ziggler and Roode work to a time limit draw in their rematch which would result in further matches. He thinks there’s a lot of chemistry between both men that hasn’t been explored yet and he feels they’d be more than capable of fighting in a best 3 out of 5 series.

Taz thought it was neat to see Nakamura and Randy Orton tagging on last night’s show, but this tells him that WWE doesn’t really know what to do with two of their biggest stars right now which is inexplicable to him.

Taz liked seeing the United States Championship defended in the main event of the show, but he thinks it was a production error to not show the full entrance of A.J. Styles, one of the top guys on WWE programming. He wasn’t surprised to see Corbin defeat Styles, but he was happy to see Corbin pick up the win clean with the use of his finisher.

That sums up today’s episode of The Taz Show. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for another recap.