Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Jeff Jarrett’s Leave, RAW on Christmas Day, Corbin’s Heat, More!

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He continues by saying that there’s no reason to hide the facts from the Superstars because even with all the knowledge that’s out there, the Superstars are going to wrestle anyways. There’s no reason to lie to them about it because these guys couldn’t care less about the risks, they’re going to wrestle regardless.

Speaking about the news that WWE will air Monday Night RAW live this year, Gilbertti has no issue with it because December 25th is just another day on the calendar and other than opening gifts, it’s a boring day. He also points out that not everyone celebrates Christmas on December 25th anyways, so maybe people of other religions should get their respective holidays off as well.

Russo counters by saying that after sacrificing all year round, WWE Superstars deserve to spend Christmas day with their families, and the families deserve to have their husband/wife and mother/father home. Gilbertti argues that every Superstar knew what business they were getting into, and their spouses knew what kind of situation they were marrying into as well.

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