Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Jeff Jarrett’s Leave, RAW on Christmas Day, Corbin’s Heat, More!

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However, the Jeff Jarrett that walked to the ring at Triple A is not the Jeff Jarrett that Russo knew. There’s a clear issue there, because Russo has never seen Jarrett out of shape in his life. From what he saw in that video and from what people have been telling him, Russo knows Jarrett is going through some real problems right now and he hopes and prays that Jarrett gets help soon.

Lane points out that with all of the drama surround Jarrett’s leave, there have been rumblings that Anthem reportedly wants to sell GFW. Russo says that he’s not even sure what GFW has that’s worth any money at this point. Gilbertti agrees and says he has no idea who’d want to buy the company right now, however, he’s sure that someone picked up the phone and called Billy Corgan rather quickly.

Lane mentions that Baron Corbin has been dealing with some backstage heat for getting into an argument with a concussion doctor who was giving a presentation to the Superstars, downplaying the effect of contact sports on the brain. Russo doesn’t understand what WWE was trying to do here, because they’ve actually donated money to assist in concussion research in the past.

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