Baron Corbin Almost Fired By WWE?


Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer reports that there was an incident that involved Baron Corbin a few weeks ago that could have led to his termination but because Vince McMahon is a fan of his, he wasn’t fired. While details are very sketchy, Meltzer wrote the following on his message board:

“Only thing I can say is that there was an incident, it wasn’t anything reported, nothing in the ring, not related to Twitter or talent, and they changed booking plans. He’ll be fine. Vince loves him. If not, he’d have been fired.”

It’s worth noting that there was a story going around Reddit that Corbin’s incident involved WWE doctor Joseph Maroon. The story is that while Maroon was speaking to the talent about concussions, Corbin interrupted him several times in disagreement about Maroon’s opinions on CTE. Many felt that Corbin should have approached Maroon privately instead of confronting him in front of everyone.

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