Predicting the Next Three WWE Championship Matches


1. Randy Orton v. Shinsuke Nakamura

Once Jinder’s broken body is left in Nakamura’s rear-view mirror, he can face off against his greatest challenge yet: Randy Orton. The blue brand’s December pay-per-view (it’s not Tables, Ladders, & Chairs [and Stairs!]) will be where the two will face off again. Their last encounter did not end the way both men wanted it to, but this time, no one will be interfering. These two men will kill each other.

Many will say that Orton won’t care, but something tells me that Orton and Nakamura will have a great match for the WWE Championship. Maybe it’s because Orton really wants to work with Nakamura. He’ll probably put in the effort when he fights Nakamura.

This will be such a smooth and slick match. It might even be the best WWE Championship match of 2017. I honestly believe that these two men will steal the show in December. These men are similar in more ways than one. Hopefully they can mesh well and put on a great match to cap off what was otherwise a dreadful year for the title.

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