Predicting the Next Three WWE Championship Matches


2. Jinder Mahal v. Shinsuke Nakamura

Jinder will get his rematch for the WWE Championship. Of course he will. He can argue that he, the Modern Day Maharajah, never lost his title. It was stolen from him. He’ll actually a promo that’s different from all the others we’ve heard before. He’s not been in this position before.

At Survivor Series, Jinder will get his rematch. Hopefully, he and Nakamura can have a better match than they did at Summerslam. Heck, make it a No Holds Barred match. Just have both men beat the hell out of each other with various weapons.

The Singh Brothers will probably try to interfere. They can eat some chairshots or be put through a table. Regardless, they’ll be killed to death. Jinder will try to go for the sneak attack, but Nakamura, having learned from his mistakes, will be ready. He’ll counter, and then he’ll Kinsasha Jinder so hard that his face flies off to the moon. He will vanquish the Modern Day Maharajah.

Once Mahal’s dealt with, Shinsuke can go on to deal with his next opponent.

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