WWE Monday Night Raw Results – July 24 2017

Curt Hawkins is backstage with Renee Young. Hawkins doesn’t care about Jason Jordan. Hawkins is going to slap him in the face, beat him, and ruin his big Monday Night RAW debut. Tomorrow, everyone will be talking about him.

A video package is shown for Cornell Gray, a Special Olympics participant. He is at ringside, and the crowd gives him a nice hand.

*Commercial Break*

Jason Jordan Vs. Curt Hawkins

Before the match begins, Hawkins slaps him in the face. The bell rings, and Jordan viciously takes him down with a waistlock. Jordan clubs away at him and slams him down again. Michael Cole mistakenly says that Jordan is really throwing Kurt Angle around. Jordan hits a back suplex for a two count.

Kurt Angle is seen proudly watching backstage. Jordan rides him and clubs before Hawkins gets to the bottom rope. Hawkins gets out of the ring to recover. Hawkins punches away at him and talks trash before Jordan punches back. Jordan hits a pair of running forearms before slamming him into the corner.

Jordan hits a belly to belly suplex before taking the straps down and shouldering him in the corner. Jordan then hits a back suplex into a neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Jason Jordan

Kurt Angle is beaming with pride watching the conclusion of that match.

Footage is shown from two weeks ago of The Revival beating up The Hardy Boyz. Last week, The Revival beat The Hardy Boyz. They’ll be out, next.

*Commercial Break*

Charly Caruso is in the ring and introduces The Revival. Charly starts to ask a question but Dawson cuts her off and says she’s great but they don’t need her, they’ve got this down. Dawson asks Dash to tell the WWE Universe why The Revival are so special. Dash says that not only did they dominate NXT but they are on Monday night’s to take their sport atop the division. Dawson says that they sent The New Day packing to SmackDown, made The Hardy Boyz irrelevant, and rumour has it that Big Cass dumped Enzo because they returned from injury. They are the best tag team in the world.

Anderson and Gallows come out and tell them to shut up. They say that D.C are tired of hearing them because D.C is a “good brother” town and the fans cheer. Anderson and Gallows say that The Revival just do everything they’ve already done, like beat up The New Day and The Hardy Boyz. They call them nerds and now we have a match!

Anderson & Gallows Vs. The Revival

Karl Anderson will start against Scott Dawson. They take their time before locking up. Dawson powers him to the corner and shoves him. Anderson slaps him back. They lock up, and Dawson puts him in the corner.

Dash Wilder tags in and punches away at Anderson. Wilder drives him into Dawson’s boot. Dawson tags in and forearms him. Anderson elbows him and wrenches the arm before tagging in Luke Gallows. Dawson retreats to his corner. Sheamus and Cesaro are seen watching backstage.

Dawson knocks Anderson off the apron. The referee is distracted, so The Revival capitalizes on the distraction. Gallows clotheslines Dawson and punches Wilder. Gallows hits them both with back body drops. Anderson comes in, and they hit stereo clotheslines over the top rope.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see Dawson controlling Anderson. Anderson punches him before Dawson uppercuts him. Wilder tags in, and Anderson dropkicks him down. Dawson quickly tags in, and Gallows gets the tag as well. Gallows clotheslines Wilder before knocking Dawson off the apron. Gallows hits a big boot before connecting with a big splash. Dawson avoids an avalanche before eating a superkick. Anderson is tagged in, and they go for the Boot of Doom. Anderson is quickly attacked.

They chop block Gallows and set up for Shatter Machine on Wilder, but The Hardy Boyz come out to the stage. Gallows and Anderson throw out The Revival and challenge The Hardys to get into the ring. The Revival hit the Shatter Machine on Anderson for the win

Winners: The Revival

The Hardy Boyz run down and attack The Revival. There are loud “DELETE” chants. They catch them with Poetry in Motion. Matt hits a Twist of Fate on Wilder. Jeff goes for a Swanton Bomb, but Wilder gets out of the ring.

The Miz is backstage with Maryse, Curt Hawkins, and Bo Dallas. Miz says they’re family while their opponents are untrusting dogs. It’s like his performance in The Marine 5 compared to Tom Cruise in “The Mummy.” Maryse says Hollywood doesn’t have any original ideas. Today’s Hollywood is like Seth Rollins. No original ideas. He’s just trying to reboot a franchise in The Shield. They will prove what’s successful and A-list in WWE. They will lay out Rollins and Ambrose and stand tall. They will prove without a shadow of a doubt that Rollins and Ambrose are a box office bomb.

*Commercial Break*

We return from commercial and it’s announced that next week Jason Jordan will be on Miz TV. Also next week, a Triple Threat between Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns!

2-On-3 Handicap Match

Seth Rollins & The Miz Vs. The Miztourage W/Maryse

Miz tags in Axel to avoid Ambrose, which doesn’t phase Ambrose at all. Rollins tags himself in once Axel gets in a few good shots. He hits a suplex and a knee drop for a one count. Dallas tags in, but Rollins keeps rolling. The Miz only tags in after Bo takes Seth down with a knee.

The A-Lister taunts Ambrose while he keeps Rollins grounded with a headlock. Seth breaks free and hits a sling blade. Miz uses a jawbreaker to get away from him. Ambrose tags in and chases Miz all around the ring. Axel tags in, but The Lunatic Fringe stays in control. Rollins and Ambrose use some good teamwork to clear the ring as we head to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Seth failing to fight off all three members of The Miztourage. Miz taunts Ambrose while he keeps Rollins away from his corner. He hits Seth with a neck/backbreaker combo for a close two count. Axel tags in for a rolling snapmare to get another two count. Bo gets the tag and continues to assault Rollins with high-impact offense. Miz spikes Rollins with a DDT, but only keeps him down for a near fall.

Rollins ducks a roundhouse and rolls Miz up for a two count. Ambrose is itching to get in the ring, and he finally gets his wish after Rollins fends off all three men on the opposing team. The Lunatic Fringe goes on a rampage against every member of The Miztourage. The numbers game gets to be too much for Ambrose. Miz makes a blind tag and hits the Skull Crushing Finale, but Rollins makes the save.

As he’s tosses from the ring, Dallas takes a hard shot to the face from one of the ring ropes in the same way that gave Enzo a concussion. Rollins and Ambrose hit suicide dives at the same time. Rollins hits Miz with a springboard knee to set up Ambrose for Dirty Deeds to get the pin and the win.

Winners: Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

Ambrose embraces Rollins after the match and the crowd pops big. Then Rollins puts out his first for the Shield salute and Ambrose leaves him hanging to end the show.

That’s it for this week’s Raw! What did you think of the show? Let us know in the comments or on the Ringside Talk app. Remember to come back tomorrow night for SmackDown Live and 205 Live results. Until then, safe travels!

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