Reason The Great Khali Returned to WWE Revealed

As seen at Sunday’s WWE Battleground event, The Great Khali made his return in the main event Punjabi Prison match that saw Jinder Mahal successfully defend his WWE Championship against Randy Orton.

Dave Meltzer discussed Khali’s return on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer mentioned the Khali is back for the time being and the reason they brought him in was so that he could get Jinder over. The feeling is Jinder isn’t very popular in India and a rub from Khali could really help him over in that demographic.

Meltzer speculated that the initial Jinder push wasn’t really working in India because there wasn’t an increase in revenue. With Khali being aligned with Jinder, the belief is it could possibly help gain revenue in merchandise and WWE Network subscriptions in India.

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