WWE Monday Night Raw Results – July 17 2017

We see Enzo Amore backstage and Michael Cole says he has been feeling down lately. He’ll be in the ring after the break.

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Enzo Amore makes his entrance to a nice reception and goes through his usual shtick. The crowd sings “Enzo Amore.” Enzo states that Newton’s Law says every action has an equal and opposite reaction. There isn’t a man in this business that can elicit a reaction on the microphone like him.

Enzo does it knowing full well the repercussions of his words. Sometimes his losses outweigh his assets. The same holds true in this business as it does in life. You’ll win some and lose some, but you always have to fight for what you believe in. Enzo believes Big Cass believed in what they were fighting for a while ago. Enzo believed in it more than Cass. For five years, Enzo put his all into it to win. When Cass would throw him at his opponents, Cass was left standing in the ring at 7-feet tall. Cass is 7-feet tall, and they didn’t win any championships.

Cass claimed to throw Enzo out of his life, but he’s not out. If he gets knocked down nine times, he’s getting up ten. Enzo got back to his feet and made him finish the fight.

Big Cass said Enzo writes checks his backside can’t cash. Enzo has footage shown from last Monday when Big Show attacked Big Cass and sent him running. Enzo criticizes Cass for not looking Big Show in the eyes and folding like a lawn chair when the going got tough. Enzo says he would’ve tried. There’s only one word to describe Cass…

Big Cass’ music cuts him off, and he makes his way to the ring. Big Cass says Enzo didn’t learn his lesson at Great Balls Of Fire, so he has to beat some sense into him. Maybe Enzo will learn to shut his mouth. Enzo accepts the fight before getting out of the ring. If Cass wants to fight, he loves a fight. Enzo goes into the crowd and asks a fan to come by him. Enzo is going to sit ringside and watch him get smoked.

Big Show’s music hits. He makes his way to the ring, and Big Cass attacks him. Show head-butts him and pulls him out of the ring before driving him into the barricade.

Cass tries to fight back, but Show cuts him off and throws him into the barricade. Cass finally drives Big Show into the barricade and punches away at him. Finally, Show kicks him in the midsection and drives him into the LED apron. Show scoop slams Cass on the floor. Show lays him out on the apron and chops the chest. Enzo likes what he’s seeing at ringside. Cass quickly gets up and drives him twice into the ring post. Cass puts him in the ring and punches away at Show. Enzo looks surprised. Cass kicks Show in the ribs a few times. Enzo tries to run in to make the save, but Cass big boots him down. Cass then leaves the ring triumphant. Big Show gets up and shakes in rage.

Roman Reigns is backstage warming up when Charly Caruso walks up to him. She mentions Samoa Joe has beaten him twice, but tonight the stakes are higher. Reigns says he steps up when the stakes are high like he did at WrestleMania when he beat The Undertaker. Tonight, he’ll beat Samoa Joe and take the title at SummerSlam because he is The Big Dog and this is his yard.

Kurt Angle will reveal his secret later tonight. Coming up next, Finn Bálor will take on Elias Samson in a rematch.

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We see Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose licking their wounds backstage. Ambrose says he’d rather fight all three by himself than have Rollins lurk behind him with a chair. They bicker for a minute before Kurt Angle walks in. Angle says next week they can face any two members of The Miztourage but they want all three, so next week we’ve got a 3-1 handicap match.

We return to the ring and it’s time to walk with Elias!! Samson says he wrote this song today when he came to Nashville but before he can start the fans chant for Finn Balor. Samson says he too wants Balor but first, they have to keep their phones off and applause muted. He doesn’t get too far into insulting Nashville before Finn Balor comes out to interrupt.

Finn Balor Vs. Elias Samson

Kurt Angle is talking on his cellphone when Bayley and Sasha Banks come in. They’re talking to him about getting a shot against Alexa Bliss for the title. They argue over who should be the one to face Bliss. Angle says they both deserve a shot, but they’ll be the ones to decide. Next week, they’ll face each other with the winner facing Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam. They seem pleased with that decision.

Replays are shown of Gallows and Anderson beating The Hardy Boyz last week. The Revival then attacked The Hardy Boyz after the match. Charly Caruso is backstage with Dash and Dawson. She asks The Revival why they attacked The Hardy Boyz last week. Dash Wilder says The Hardy Boyz treated them like they were nobodies a few months ago, but now they’ll show them the respect they deserve. Scott Dawson says they don’t care about The Hardy Boyz’ legacy. They’ll take them apart tonight.

Akira Tozawa makes his way to the ring with Titus by his side. He’s in action, next!

Akira Tozawa Vs. Ariya Daivari

Daivari is aggressive from the very start of the match. He ground Tozawa with an armbar, but the Japanese Superstar manages to escape.

Ariya focuses on the shoulder as he sends Tozawa shoulder-first into the ring post. Tozawa hits a hurricanrana out of nowhere before landing a flurry of strikes. Titus gets the crowd pumped up outside the ring while Tozawa climbs to the top rope.

Daivari brings him down and attacks the shoulder with both knees. Titus tells the ref to call for the bell and he does!

Winner Via Stoppage: Ariya Daivari

Tozawa is stunned after the match, meanwhile Daivari takes the mic and talks about his Olympic hero. Tozawa leaves and Titus runs after him.

Kurt Angle will be out for his big announcement next!

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