Impact Wrestling Spoilers – April 23rd, 2017

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Impact is in Orlando, Florida tonight at Universal Studios taping upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling. Here are the spoiler results from tonight’s show:

* Impact kicks off with Bruce Prichard selling his ribs from the EC3 attack and he is using Tyrus as backup. Out comes Lashley. He’s the most dominant, he can’t be beaten. He wants to know who he gets to beat up at Slammiversary. EC3 interrupts. He will become an EC 3 Time World Champion at Slammiversary. Out comes Magnus. He doesn’t seem to know Lashley’s name. Magnus returned to fight a crusade against the Prichard Regime. Out comes James Storm. If it’s anyone to face Lashley, it should be The Cowboy. Says EC3 has a big body & a little head. He gets in the ring for a fight. Tonight is a Triple Threat between EC3-Storm-Magnus tonight to determine the Slammiversary opponent for Lashley.

* KM & Kongo Kong(w/ Laurel Van Ness & Sienna) defeated Braxton Sutter & Mahabali Shera.

* GFW Tag Tournament Semifinals- Veterans of War defeated Mario Bokara & Fallah Bahh when Mayweather pinned Bokara after a Modified 3D.

* Josh comes out to the ring with a mic, it looks like we are about to find out who his partner is. Josh asks for JB to join him in the ring. He does so. Shut him up chants start up. Josh brings up Mike Tenay & David Penzer & made up with Shark Boy. Talks about Jim Ross & says he’s a VP of the company. He says he’s truly sorry. He says he’s jealous of JB. Josh extends his hand, he wants it to end & them to be friends. Here comes Joseph Park. Park says JB shouldn’t shake his hand. Team JB beat Team Josh. Josh wants both men out of his ring, he should be the face of everything. He’s giving everyone else the rub. Josh says his partner will reveal himself at the most opportune time for him. They are not gonna wait to Slammiversary, let’s do it right here & right now. Park takes off his jacket, as does Josh. Get a ref out here. Big Poppa Pump is revealed as Josh’s partner. Scott Steiner chases JB into the fans & allows Josh to low blow Park. This leads to a Steiner Recliner on Park.

* Eddie Edwards & Alisha defeated Davey Richards & Angelina Love when Alisha pinned Angelina with a Rollup. Angelina pulled Davey off Eddie afterwards until Davey got a table from under the ring. Angelina took Alisha out as Davey gets a second table from under the ring. He slides it in the ring to Angelina. Angelina Powerbombed Alisha through table as Eddie was handcuffed to the ropes being forced to watch. The trainer, The Hebners, Stifler & Eddie helped Alisha to the back.

* EC3 defeated James Storm & Magnus to become # 1 contender to Lashley at Slammiversary. Storm smacked both EC3 & Magnus with a Diet Coke then a Bottle of Water. They double teamed Storm until EC3 accidentally caned Magnus. This lead to Magnus breaking the cane on EC3. They started beating each other with the broken cane. Storm laid both men to waste with chair shots before chairing a garbage can into Magnus. Storm hit EC3 with a draping DDT on the ring apron. Magnus locked in the cloverleaf. EC3 chair breaks it up. Storm hit Last Call & EC3 stole the pin.

Xplosion: In a No DQ Match, Marshe Rockett pinned Mahabali Shera when KM interfered hitting Shera with the Pumphandle Driver.

* Moose vs. Eli Drake. Round One goes to Eli Drake. A quick Boring chant starts as Drake is working the leg. Moose finally dropkicks Drake off the top. A Pop Up Powerbomb, Senton & Middle Rope Moonsault wins Round Two for Moose. Adonis pulls the leg leading to Gravy Train on Moose at the bell of Round Three. Moose retains at the judge’s decision.

* EC3 says tonight is a night for celebration. A band then performs Trouble for a few minutes. Prior to setting up the band, the crowd chants for Nakamura. For he’s the number one contender why nobody can deny says the band. EC3 is having fun but the fun stops, at Slammiversary he faces Lashley. EC3 has Fight Music. Cue the band. Barbershop style song about Lashley. The fans are hating this segment. Goodbye My Bobby Lashley. Here comes Alberto El Patron. Karen Jarrett comes out immediately with Bruce, Dutch & Tyrus. Patron put the GFW Title up against EC3 but EC3 puts his shot on the line at Slammiversary. And your #ImpactLive Main Event is set. GFW Champion Alberto El Patron against EC3 with the Slammiversary title shot on the line in a Cage.

* Impact Tag Team Champions LAX(w/ Diamanté, Homicide & Konnan) defeated Veterans of War to win the GFW Tag Team Titles. LAX hit the Street Sweeper on Wilcox to win the Championships. A trainer came out checking on Mayweather after he was limping badly.

* It looks like Sonjay Dutt is joining commentary for the next match. He’s rocking an eye patch.

* X Division Champion Low Ki pinned Andrew Everett after a Warrior’s Way.

* Rockstar Spud dragged Swoggle from the back & now he is clubbing him with a hammer. Spud is wearing the leather jacket again. Spud limps away up the ramp as everyone checks on Swoggle & they carry him to the back.

* In a Six Sides of Steel Match, GFW Champion Alberto El Patron pinned EC3 after a Frog Splash. El Patron will now face Lashley at Slammiversary for the Impact World Title.

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