WWE Monday Night Raw Results – March 6 2017

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Goldberg makes his way to the ring, to a fairly mixed reaction.

He says that the Universal title belongs to the fans as much as it does him. Without them he wouldn’t be here. He says he stands here tonight, a very humble man. He says he will divulge some information that he never thought he would, and the fans start to chant “CM Punk!”. Goldberg nods along to the chant and says, “yeah, I hear that”.

Paul Heyman walks out and introduces himself. Heyman says he knows he is not worthy of walking down to the ring and standing alongside Goldberg. He says he won’t shake Goldberg’s hand because he came here, not as Paul Heyman, but as the advocate of the challenger, BROCK LESNAR!

Brock makes his way ringside, and circles the ring before entering. Brock squares right up to Goldberg. Heyman sarcastically introduces them to each other and says Brock came here to shake Goldberg’s hand. Heyman’s client knows how happy Goldberg must be, considering he demolished Kevin Owens last night. He says Lesnar is the only person happier about that because at WrestleMania he will take the title.

Heyman says he is a man who gives spoilers and here’s one now: at the end of the night there will be a new, reigning, defending, Universal Champion and his name is Brock Lesnar. Brock extends his hand to Goldberg, who laughs at it. Heyman then says everyone will look at Goldberg as nothing more than Brock Lesnar’s bitch. Goldberg turns to stare at Heyman, and Lesnar swiftly picks him up and lands an F5! The Allstate Arena cheer.

Still to come: Braun Strowman promises to finish what he started with Roman Reigns, and Tag Team Titles action!

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Enzo and Big Cass make their way to the ring. Enzo says last night will forever be known as the Milwaukee Shoejab. He says they should be introduced as the Champs tonight but tonight they get their redemption. Cass says they will be the MVP’s like Michael Jordan in 1991, 1992, 1993, and so on.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

(C) Anderson & Gallows Vs. Enzo & Big Cass

Luke Gallows starts against Enzo Amore. Gallows clubs him, but Enzo comes back with a pair of dropkicks and tags in Big Cass. Cass hits Gallows with a shoulder block before punching away at him. Gallows comes back with an uppercut before punching away at him in his corner.

Karl Anderson is tagged in, but Cass soon overtakes him. Cass punches away at Anderson, but Anderson fights back. Anderson hits the ropes, but Cass turns him inside out with a knee. Anderson goes outside. Cass knees Gallows in the face as he tries to get in the ring. Enzo is tagged in and goes for a plancha, but they move so he stops. Cesaro and Sheamus then come out to the stage to watch this match.

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We return to see Anderson getting a two count on Amore. Gallows tags in and continues to punish Enzo until the trash talker hits him with a DDT. Cass and Anderson come in and the big man runs through him like a bulldozer. He hits the Empire Elbow, but Gallows breaks up the pin.

Enzo is sent to the outside and bumps in Cesaro, spilling Cesaro’s coffee, so the Swiss Superman chases him into the ring and a huge brawl breaks out to cause a DQ.

Winners Via DQ: Enzo & Big Cass

Big Cass brawls with Cesaro in the corner. Sheamus runs in and floors Enzo before attacking Big Cass. Anderson and Gallows attack both teams, so they’re cleared from the ring. Sheamus knocks Cass out of the ring before eating a superkick from Gallows. Cesaro knocks Gallows out of the ring. Enzo then jumps on Cesaro’s back, but Sheamus Brogue Kicks him off his tag team partner. Sheamus and Cesaro stand tall in the ring.

“Ravishing” Rick Rude is announced as the next inductee in the Hall of Fame 2017!

We see Enzo, Cass, Sheamus & Cesaro arguing like crazy backstage. Mick Foley steps in and tells them to stop it, he announces a match for next week and says the winners will face Gallows and Anderson at WrestleMania! Stephanie walks up and tells Foley she wants to see him in her office.

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Akira Tozawa Vs. Ariya Daivari

They shake hands before the bell rings. They lock up, and Daivari powers him to the corner before punching him down. Daivari sends him hard into the corner before eating a boot. Daivari quickly cuts him off and hits a hammerlock clothesline for a near fall. Daivari drops a knee and applies a chin lock. Tozawa fights up, but Daivari clubs him down.

They trade vicious chops before Tozawa starts screaming while the crowd screams along. Tozawa feigns a right hand before punching him. Tozawa kicks him and hits a senton splash for a near fall. Tozawa gets the crowd going before hitting a suicide dive. Daivari avoids a move, but Tozawa quickly comes back with a snap German Suplex with a bridge for the win.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Tozawa grabs a mic and tells Kendrick to come out and fight him right now. Kendrick comes out and says he will give Tozawa an answer on 205 Live.

Later tonight, Braun Strowman seeks revenge, and Chris Jericho faces Samoa Joe!

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The New Day come out for some action, along with their empty ice cream cart.

The New Day Vs. The Shining Stars

Primo and Epico take control early and maintain it for a few minutes. They corner Woods by the bike, but Big E comes out of nowhere to run them down. Kofi tags in Big E and they hit their finisher for a quick win.

Winner: The New Day

We get a cool video celebrating Trish Stratus and Lita.

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