WWE Monday Night Raw Results – March 6 2017

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Raw opens with a highlights package of last night’s main event.

Chris Jericho’s music hits, and the WWE United States Champion makes his way to the ring for his first appearance on RAW since being attacked during the “Festival of Friendship.” The crowd is going crazy for him and chanting “Y2J.” Jericho says this is the birthplace of Y2J. Even more so, tonight is the sight of the resurrection of Chris Jericho.

The reason for that is last night at Fastlane, he screwed Kevin Owens out of the Universal Championship. Jericho congratulates Goldberg. Owens had it coming for betraying him at the “Festival of Friendship.” Owens ripped his heart out and stabbed his knife into the Back of Jericho – twist it in, man. Jericho is hurt and confused. Jericho wants to know why Owens did that. Jericho calls him out to hear the answer to the question of “why”.

Owens comes to the stage, looking unhappy. He starts to talk but Jericho quickly tells him to shut up. Jericho says he doesn’t want any bs, he needs to know why Owens would betray his best friend of eight months.

Owens says the truth is that he didn’t stab his best friend in the back because Jericho was never his best friend, which warrants a lot of boos. Owens says Sami Zayn was his best friend and he stabbed him in the back, and he would do so again and again. He calls Jericho a tool that he used. He says he used him because Triple H told him when he won the title that he would have everyone after him. So Kevin found someone who has experience to look out for him. Someone who was gullible.

Owens says Jericho outlived his usefulness when he accepted a match against Goldberg on his behalf. He stopped being useful and became a burden. The fans start to chant for Goldberg. Owens says he knows for fact that he would have beaten Goldberg, were it not for Jericho. He says last night Y2J outsmarted him. Owens says he spared Jericho at the Festival of Friendship, he let him walk away because he is a good person. That was the biggest mistake of his life. And the biggest mistake of Jericho’s career was last night.

Jericho cuts in and says the biggest mistake he made was trusting Owens. Jericho says he doesn’t need Owens to be his best friend because he has best friends, thousands of them in the arena. He calls them the fans of Jericho and tells them to cheer him on maaan. The fans get rowdy for Y2J. Jericho says last night does not make them equal, it was just the beginning. He says it was the beginning of a long and winding road that leads to Owens Vs. Jericho at WrestleMania. The fans chant “Yes!”

Owens says he is glad Jericho brought that up. He says he’ll get the Universal title back when he wants it, he has a rematch clause, but all he can think about right now is taking the US Championship away from Jericho. Owens says the only way he will face Y2J is if the title is on the line and Jericho says no problem. Owens turns to leave and Jericho tells Owens to bring it right now, considering he and the Jerichoholics are waiting.

Owens surprisingly runs down and slides into the ring. The two start brawling in the ring and Jericho gets the better of Owens, only for Samoa Joe to run in and attack Jericho. Sami Zayn then runs down and beats on Owens and Joe with a steel chair. The numbers game gets the better of Zayn and he gets pounded in the corner. Jericho comes to is rescue, beating Joe and Owens with a steel chair, sending them retreating.

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Kevin Owens Vs. Sami Zayn

We return to see this match already in action. Owens is beating Zayn in the corner but Sami fights out. Zayn kicks Owens in the chest, the hits the ten punches on the top rope. Owens shoves Zayn away, then out of the ring.

Owens follows Zayn outside but eats a clothesline from his former friend. Sami throws Owens into the barricade, then back into the ring. Owens attacks Sami as he re-enters the ring. Owens clothesline’s Zayn hard in the corner, then lands a cannonball. Owens Irish whip’s Sami, then looks for the Pop-Up Powerbomb but Sami reverses with a dropkick in mid-air.

Owens rolls to the outside and the referee bends through the ropes to get him back inside. Sami hits the ropes and leaps over the referee and onto Owens on the outside. Sami brings Owens back inside but it caught with a Pop-Up Powerbomb! Owens doesn’t pin Sami though, he unleashes some ground and pound. Owens then lands a somersault leg drop to the back of Zayn’s head. Owens lifts Zayn up and lands a pumphandle neckbreaker, then a second Pop-Up Powerbomb and that’s all she wrote!

Winner: Kevin Owens

Later tonight, Chris Jericho will face Samoa Joe! The Universal Champion, Goldberg, will also be on Raw tonight. Up next though, Neville will defend his Cruiserweight Championship against Rich Swann!

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Cruiserweight Championship Match
(C) Neville Vs. Rich Swann

Before the bell rings, the crowd loudly chants, “CM Punk.” The bell rings, and Swann quickly connects with two clotheslines. Swann punches him before flipping over Neville and dropkicking him.

Neville quickly goes outside, so Swann follows and sends him into the barricade. Swann chops the chest twice before Neville pushes him away. Neville slams him onto the apron before sending him headfirst into the LED ring apron. The King is in charge as we head to a break!

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We return to see Neville still in firm control. An Austin Aries chants break out and he loves it. Both men are on the apron and Swann enziguiri’s Neville as he springboards, crotching Neville on the top rope. Swann performs a huge flip off the top rope and lands on Neville at ringside.

Back in the ring, Swann hits a flurry of quick moves leading to a Michinoku driver for a two count. Neville hits a top rope superplex, but Swann rolls out of the ring to keep himself from being pinned. Neville hangs on the bottom rope distraught that he couldn’t capitalise.

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We return to see Swann making a comeback and hitting a huge spin kick to the head, and Neville barely manages to kick out. Swann lands a German suplex and another superkick before going for the Phoenix splash. Neville avoids it and locks in the Rings of Saturn to get the win!

Winner: Neville

A great match that the fans really responded to, surely WWE understand now that the cruiserweights can work if given time.

After the match Austin Aries comes into the ring and asks Neville how it feels to still be on top of the mountain. Before Neville can answer the fans boo him, then chant for Austin Aries. Neville says that he did exactly what he said he would, and so, to his doubters, “look at me now”. Neville holds up the title. He says he has laid waste to pretender to pretender. He says there is nobody on 205 Live that holds a candle to the King.
Aries says he has indeed done everything he said he would, however is he sure there’s no-one at his level. The fans chant for Aries and the man himself says the fans disagree with the King. Neville isn’t happy.Neville gets in his face and says Aries is delusional if he thinks he is on his level. He orders Austin to leave the ring while spitting in his face with each word. Aries whacks Neville with the microphone and the Chicago crowd erupts! Aries celebrates as he walks off.

Just before the commercial break we see Enzo and Big Cass arguing with Sheamus and Cesaro. Enzo and Cass have a rematch for the titles tonight and they tell the former Champs to watch. Goldberg is up next!

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