WWE 205 Live Results – July 25 2017

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Backstage, Dasha Fuentes is with Neville and they show a replay of last night’s events between Akira Tozawa, Ariya Daivari, and the Champion. Neville says Daivari made a critical error last night and that 205 Live is his world, it will forever be his. He says that Daivari will learn the difference between picking apart an injured animal and standing toe-to-toe with the King of the Cruiserweights.

We join the commentary team of Vic Joseph and Corey Graves, who congratulate AJ Styles on his big US Championship win over Kevin Owens, as well as joke about putting the announce table back together after Owens ruined it. Akira Tozawa comes out wearing a nice suit and joins the commentary table!

Ariya Daivari comes out for his match against Neville but grabs a mic first. Ariya asks why Tozawa is here. Is it to drum up sympathy for his injury, or beg for another title shot. He says he deserves the next opportunity to dethrone Neville, and promises to dedicate his win tonight to 1968 gold medalist Abdollah Movahed.

Ariya Daivari Vs. Neville

Our match gets underway and Daivari immediately heads to the outside. The referee ushers him back inside and again he heads back out. The fans boo. Neville follows him out but Daivari runs back inside, as does the King, then back outside, where Daivari finally gets a hold of Neville and throws him into the barricade twice.

Back inside the ring, Daivari retains control over the King with methodical strikes. A big splash by Daivari from the top rope for a two count. Neville lands a superkick right on the jaw, followed by a low dropkick to Daivari’s head.

Neville heads to the top and hits a dropkick sending Daivari all the way out of the ring. Neville follows him out and ends up focusing his attention on Tozawa, Daivari shoves Neville into Tozawa. Neville argues with Tozawa and doesn’t make it back in by the ten count.

Winner Via Count-Out: Ariya Daivari

After the match, Graves and Joseph talk about Akira re-aggravating his shoulder injury. Then Neville taunts him from the ring, so Tozawa he takes his jacket off and tries to go after the champ. They brawl but officials quickly separate the two of them.

We get a replay of the 2-Out-Of-3-Falls Match from last week between Drew Gulak and Mustafa Ali.

The Brian Kendrick makes his way to the ring. Kendrick says he tries to help us people, and what does he get? He gets ridiculed on social media. He tries to explain the difference between fighters like him and clowns like Jack Gallagher, but he doesn’t know if we’re too dumb to get it or what, so he brought pictures. Kendrick puts up a picture of Gallagher, then mocks him for having pasty white skin while the picture adds clown make-up to Jack’s face. It then adds the hair, nose, etc. He even adds in a nice chequered suit. Next, a horn is added and we get some honking sounds.

Finally, Jack Gallagher comes out to talk with Brian. He decides this week he’s just going to “Knock your bloody head off” and rushes the ring! Kendrick runs out of the ring yelling “I don’t like clowns, Jack!” Kendrick says he’s a fighter as he walks away from a fight.

Dasha Fuentes  interviews Swann and Alexander backstage. She wants to know why Rich asked Alexander to partner with him, and he puts over his win over Noam Dar in their “I Quit” match. Swann says she should ask Ced why, and he says he came to 205 Live for competition that didn’t involve crazy ex-girlfriends. TJP & Tony Nese roll-up and Perkins says he thought Rich would back out when he heard that Tony was his partner. Alexander calls Nese a dumb jock, and when Nese takes offense, says that if Tony can’t take a little pre-game trash talk, they can go right now. The pair step to one another, but Perkins music hits so they decide to save it for the ring.

TJP & Tony Nese Vs. Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander

Nese gets in some more posing as he and Swann kick things off. Swann showing off his agility and is able to ground Nese as he tags in Alexander. Alexander with an early pin attempt, for only a one count. Swann back in, double team moves as Nese is having a rough time in the ring as Alexander is brought back in again.

Nese finally manages to tag out, but Alexander instantly puts him down to the mat. Some sloppy exchanges between TJP and Alexander, Nese tries to get involved but both he and TJP are sent to the outside. Both Alexander and Swann with some synchronized aerials to take out the other team.

We’re back in the ring now and TJP and Alexander still the legal men, TJP with some taunting on the ropes. Alexander charges and ends up on the floor, Nese with a distraction, and TJP gets in a sneak attack. Action back in the ring, Nese gets in there and puts Alexander in a tree of woe, hitting multiple knees. He then lays on the mat and does a few stomping kicks while working out his core. Crowd not giving Nese anything!

Alexander with a sneaky roll-up, two-count. Nese regains control and keeps Alexander on the mat. Minor “Alexander” chant breaks out. TJP tags in and lands big splash, cover, two-count, Alexander is having a tough time in there as he tries to tag out. Alexander finally lands a big elbow to drop TJP as he slowly crawls to bring in Swann, Nese in too. Swann with some clotheslines, running splash, pin, two-count. Swann with multiple strikes, Nese with some creative counters, both men down and are able to tag out.

Spanish Fly by Alexander! Nese is able to break up the pin though. Nese then gets a hold of Swann on the outside and smashes him into the announcer table. Alexander distracted by Nese, TJP puts him down and goes for a pin, Alexander able to awkwardly kick out. Detonation kick by Alexander, pin, two-count. Alexander goes for a top rope move, Nese climbs up from the floor, throws him off, and TJP gets the victory!

Winners: TJP & Tony Nese

A good tag team match but the fans just don’t care at all. I wonder what could make 205 Live more interesting to fans? If you have any ideas we’d love to hear them!

That’s it for this week’s 205 Live! Let us know your thoughts and inner-most feelings in the comments and on the Ringside Talk app, and until next time, safe travels!

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