Pro Wrestling Zero1 star Shinjiro Otani suffered one of the worst injuries pro wrestling fans have seen in recent memory. That the promotion’s Tokyo Sumo Hall event, Otani was paralyzed and unable to move his extremities. Surgery was soon scheduled.

On Wednesday, the operation to prevent further damage to his spine was performed. The surgery went as planned. Otani has since been transferred to another hospital.

The injury took place after Otani took a German suplex into the corner. Otani was unable to move after the horrific bump. Now that he has been stabilized, his wife Eriko Otani released a statement. Post Wrestling translated it from Japanese to English.

“I married a professional wrestler, Shinjiro Otani, so I was prepared to accept a situation like this, but when I think of Shinjiro’s disappointment, I cry. However, we will not look down, but forward, and with the help of pro wrestling, we will continue to support Mr. Shinjiro. We will do our best with your warm support. We hope that you will continue to watch over us warmly. Finally, I would like to ask for your continued support for Zero One and all the wrestlers that Mr. Shinjiro has been protecting.”


Shinjiro Otani’s future is still extremely questionable. Doctors are hoping to minimize any further damage before looking into what else can be done. It may be a situation where mitigating additional injury is the best-case scenario.

The entire pro wrestling world has been keeping Shinjiro Otani in their thoughts. His wife is grateful for the outpouring of support in this difficult time.

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Michael Perry

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