Matt Striker and D-Lo Brown run down tonight’s card.

Tenille and Kaleb make their way to the ring. Havoc and Nevaeh are out next.

Havok and Nevaeh vs. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb With a K

Tenille and Neveah lock up to start and trade holds. Armbars back and forth.
Tenille gets the upper hand with chain wrestling. Kaleb tags in and Neveah
kicks him in the gut. Kaleb hits a bodyslam. Naveah with a back breaker. Havoc
tags in and rips of Kaleb’s neck brace. Double splashes in the corner on Kaleb,
2 count. Kaleb gets the upperhand momentarily but Naveah hits chops in the
corner. Kaleb yanks down Naveah by the hair. Tenille tags in and a suplex, 1

Tenile locks in submission while Kaleb records her.Tenille and Kaleb get the cheap victory and celebrate on the outside.

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb win.

Naveah and Havoc look disappointed in the ring.

Rich Swann is preparing backstage, Eddie Edwards gives him a pep talk and tells im he is going to win tonight, 

Video package for Violent By Design vs. Chris Sabin and James Storm. Violent by design make their entrance. Cowboy James Storm is out next. Chris Sabin makers his entracne next accompanied by Jake Something.

Violent By Design vs. Chris Sabin and James Storm

Deaner and Sabin start with quickness  Deaner with a shoulder block takes down Sabin. Deaner traps the arm with joint manipulation. Sabin gets the upper hand with quick takedowns. Joe Doering tags in and dominates Sabin. Storm gets the tag but still cant take down Doering. Deaner tags in and wears down Storm. Storm gets a belly to belly and tags in Sabin. Double kicks from Storm and Sabin. 

Sabin gets a snap suplex for a 2 count. Headlock from Sabin. Tag to Storm, double team elbows in the corner, Storm gets a 2 count. Deaner trys to thrown Storm out of the ring but Storm skins the cat. Doering attacks Storm on the ring apron. Doering tags in and hits a bodyslam. Deaner tags in and hits knees to the back of the head, cover for a 2 count. Deaner locks in a headlock. 

Sabin stomps on the mat to support Storm in the headlock, Storm gets out but Violent by Design continue to take the advantage. Storm hits an elbow and drags Deaner out of the ring, Storm goes for the tag and Sabin runs wild. Bg boot, forearm strikes, penalty kick on both men. Sabin with a missile dropkick and a dive to the outside, Doering catches him but Storm hits a baseball slide. Sabin with a fisherman’s suplex and Sabin with an elbow from the top. 2 count.

Doering drags Storm out of the ring and hits a forearm, Doering in the ring hits a huge crossbody, Deaner with a diving headbutt from the top for the near fall. Sabin hits a enziguri for the pin but Young gets Deaners foot on the ropes, Ref goes down. Jake Something attacks Young, Sabin goes for the cradleshock and Jake Something takes down Doering. Young with a neck breaker on Jake, Rhino runs down to the ring, he’s back! Rhino gores Sabin and Deaner gets the 3 count. 

Violent By Design win.

Rhino celebrates with Violent By Deisgn. He has joined the group. 

Myers is backstage and says he came to Impact for an opportunity. He is a professional and is ready for his match. Video package of Myers vs Edwards. Brian Myers makes his entrance. Eddie Edwards is out next.

Hold Harmless Match: Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Myers

Strikes back and forth to start ,Myers gets the upper hand momentarily. , Edwards with a baseball slide and an atomic drop. Both men go to the outside, Edwards with chops and a headbutt. More chops and Myers rolls back in the ring. Stomps from Edwards and Myers gets some hits to the gut, Myers sweeps the legs and Edwards kicks Myers into the barricade and hits a dive to the outside. 

Back in the ring Edwards with a clothesline over the top rope and a suicide dive back to the outside. Myers climbs up the ramp, Edwards with the headbutt. Edwards gets the steel steps and Myers sweeps Edward’s legs and he falls only the steel steps. Myers smashes Eddie’s head onto the steps. Back in the ring, Myers gets a trashcan lid and hits Edwards in the back and head with it, 2 count. 

Myers chokes Eddie with the lid. Myers with stomps. Snapmare and headlock from Myers. Eddie fights out momentarily but Myers pulls the hair to drag him back down. Myers continues the attack with the trashcan lid. Myers with the suplex and another headlock. Edwards gets the separation momentarily but Myers with a driver, 2 count. Myers brings in some steel chairs. Myers lays Edawrda on the chairs and climbs to the top. 

Eddie gets up and hits Myers with the trashcan lid. Eddie with a headbutt in the corner and hits a superplex onto the steel chairs. Both men back up and strike back and forth, Edwards with chops and hits a blue thunder bomb. 2 count. Edwards looks under the ring and brings out a table. He sets it up on the outside. Myers begs off in the corner. Edwards grabs him by the hair, Hernandez tries to attack but Edwards gets to him, he goes for a suicide dive but Hernandez catches him, Hernandez goes for the boarder toss, Matt Cardona comes to Edwards aid and evens the odds. 

Edwards grabs a kendo stick. Myers tries to hide under the ring, Edwards goes for him but Myers pulls him down to hit the ring apron. Myers with a TKO on the ramp. Myers sets up eddie on the table. Myers climbs to the top , Eddie gets up and hits Myers with the stick. Edwards hits the backpack stunner though the table off of the apron. Back in the ring, Myers hits a kick to the gut, Edwards hits Myers with the trashcan lid. Edwards hits a powerslam and hits the boston knee party with a loaded kneepad for the win.

Eddie Edwards wins.

Video package of Fire N Flava vs. Jordynne Grace and Jazz. Grace and Jazz are out first. Fire N Flava make their way to the ring next. 

Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championships: Fire N Flava (c) vs. Jordynne Grace and Jazz

Grace and Hogan out first. Grace with a shoulder block. Clear power advantage for Grace. Jazz and Steele tag in. test of strength. Jazz gets the upper hand but Steele with a headbutt to the stomach. Jazz with an elbow in the corner, Steels goes for a cross body block but Jazz catches her and hits a powerslam, 2 count. Grace tags in and hits elbows to the back. Steele rolls out of the ring. The ref counts her out but Graces breaks the count and throws her back in. The ref checks on Steele on the corner, Steele gets a cheap shot on Grace and twerks while Grace is down. 

Kicks to the face from Steele tags in with chops in the corner. Hogan tags in with a baseball slide in the corner, 2 count. Steele back in, Grace powers her to the corner and tags in Jazz, Jazz with jabs and a huge right hand. Steele with a neck breaker for the 2 count. Hogan with a tga back in and a snapmare, kicks to the back, 1 count. Headlock from Hogan. Jazz with elbows to the gut, but Hogan rakes the eyes and hits a neckbreaker, Hogan with the 2 count. 

Steele tags in and hits elbows to the back of the head. Jazz with right hands, Steele with kicks of her own, Jazz hits a huge kick in retaliation. Grace tags in with some shoulder blocks. Double knees to the back, Vader bomb, Steele breaks up the pinfall with a splash, Hogan gets the 2 count. Right hands back and forth, Hogan driven tot eh corner but hits the boot, Grace with a double stomp. Fire N Flava with a double team double stomp for the 2 counts as Grace gets to the ropes. grace with a front slam for the 2 count. Grace and Jazz with a double slam, Jazz with a crossface and Hogan breaks it up, Jazz with a back body drop and tags in Grace.

Grace with clotheslines in the corner. Grace goes for the muscle buster but Hogan gets out. Hogan with a rolls the dice for the win.

Fire N Flava win.

Moose is backstage and ignores the interviewer. He has done enough talking, jut watch what happens. Ace Austin is out next accompanied by Madman Fulton. TJP makes his entrance. 

Impact X Division Championship: TJP (c) vs. Ace Austin

Lock up to start. TJP with the dropkick. Headlock from Austin and a takedown. TJP gets a rollup, 2 count. TJP gets the abdominal stretch, Austin gets to the ropes. Austin with a knucklelock. TJP with a surboard and a head scissors. TJP with a drop toe hold. TJP its a dropkick on Fulton and a Fozbury flop on Austin but Fulton protects him. In the ring, Austin takes the advantage. Austin with a shoulder table and an enziguri, 2 count. Austin with a dragon sleeper. 

TJP tries to get out but fails. Knee strikes gets out and TJP gets a springboard DDT. TJP with a springboard dropkick and a crossbody. Big boot from TJP and a tornado DDT, 2 count. TJP goes for the mambo splash but Austin rolls away. TJP gets a rollup for the 2, Austin with a small package for the 2, double big boots sends both men down. Austin with a knee to the gut and a rolling kick, Austin with a springboard legdrop. 2 count. 

Austin sets up for the fold but TJP collapses. TJP locks in the kneebar. Austin tries to escape and finally gets to the ropes. Strikes back and forth. TJP gets a flurry of kicks. TJP goes for the detonation, Austin blocks but TJP  locks in the kneebar. TJP with the suplex. Austin drags the ref in the way of a splash, TJP with a crossbody, Austin with reversal and hits a double stomp and the fold for the victory and the championship.

Ace Austin wins. New X Division Champion!

Fulton carries him around the ring as the new champion celebrates. 

Backstage, Tenille and Kaleb try to redecorate for a boomerang at Swingers Palace. ODB makes her way to the ring after a video package hyping up the women’s title match. Deonna Purrazzo enters next accompanied by Kimber Lee and Susan. 

Impact Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. ODB

Lock up to start, ODB powers to the corner. Another lock up, break in the corner. ODB bumps Purrazzo to the floor. Purrazzo with the headlock takeover. ODB with a side suplex. Evenly matches so far. ODB with a Thez press, splash in the corner from ODB and a fallaway slam, Purrazzo rolls out of the ring. Lee grasb ODBs foot. Forearm from ODB, spinning back heel from Lee and ODB thrown into the stairs. The ref throws Lee and Susan from ringside. 

Purrazzo with stomps on ODB. ODB with a chop to the chest, Purrazzo with a kick to the gut. Side Russian leg sweep from Purrazzo and an armbar. Purrazzo with an elbow, Purrazzo catches the arm and hyperextends in on the ropes. ODB with a slam from the ropes. Strikes back and forth,  ODB gets the up-per hand and a strong whip in the corner. ODB hit with a boot, but hits a huge powerslam for the 2 count. ODB goes for the dirty dozen but Purrazzo blocks, Purrazzo with the armbar. Locks in both arms and ODB taps.

Deonna Purrazzo wins.

Scott D’Amour books a match 12 man tag between the women for Impact on Tuesday. You need to log onto Impact Wrestling website to find out who’s in it. Video package for the tag title match.

Juice and Finlay are out first. Good Brothers make their entrance next. 

Impact World Tag Team Championships: The Good Brothers (c) vs. FinJuice

Anderson and Finlay start, strong lockup, break in the corner. Anderson with a headlock takeover. Finlay with a rollup for the 2 count. Big dropkick from Finlay,. Jiuce tags in with a flurry of tag team moves, senton for the 2 count. Gallows tags in with big strikes in the corner. Juice with a big boot in the corner, Gallows with a lariat for the 2 count. Anderson tags back in and locks in a headlock. Anderson scrapes the laces on Juice’s face. 

Juice with an atomic drop and tags in Finlay. Finlay gets a back elbow and Anderson sweeps the leg sending Finlay into the turnbuckle. Gallows tags in ahd hits a suplex. Gallows with big elbows on the mat, 2 count. Gallows stands on Finlay on the ropes. Big right hand from Gallows, locks in a rear chinlock. Finlay tries to fight out but Gallows hits a big boot. Anderson tags in and stomps on Finlay. Anderson with the headlock. 

Finlay tries to fight out but Anderson strikes in the corner. Finlay gets the feet up , Gallows tags in and blocks the tag to Juice. Gallows with knees to the face. Big legdrop and a 2 count. Gallows with elbows to the chest. Finlay tries to fight out but Gallows stops him. Anderson tags in and Good Brothers hit a double elbow. Anderson throws Juice off the apron. Gallows back in with right hands. Locks in a headlock. Finlay with a jawbreaker, Anderson quick tags in, Finlay finally gets the tag to Juice, Juice runs wild on the Good Brothers. Lariat sends Anderson down. Right jabs to Anderson, Anderson with an uppercut. Juice hits a full nelson slam. 2 count. 

Juice misses a cannonball. Gallows tags in. Huge kick for the 2 count. Tag back to Anderson, throws Finlay off the apron, backdrop/neckbreaker from the Good Brother, 2 count. Good Brothers go for the magic killer but Finlay interrupts, Gallows with the big boot, Anderson hits the spinebuster for the 2 count. Anderson is frustrated. Juice with the backslide for 2 count. Anderson with a strong left hand, Juice with a tag to Finlay, backbreaker/elbow drop for the 2 count. tag back to Juice, Gallows clothelined to the outside, Finlay with a dive to the outside, FinJuice with a doomsday device for the victory!

FinJuice wins. New Tag Team Champions!

Video package for the main event. Moose makes his entrance first. Rich Swann comes out next. 

Impact World Championship and TNA World Heavyweight Championship Unification Match: Rich Swann (Impact) vs. Moose (TNA)

Rich Swann runs in with a quick dropkick. Moose forces Swann to the corner. Moose catches a hurricarana, Swann gets out and throws Moose to the outside, big kick on the apron, Moose catches a dive, then a moonsault, Swann drives Moose into the ring post, then into the other ring post, then a third. Moose pulls himself up and flapjacks Swann onto the ropes.

Moose pulls Swann’s hair, throws him across the ring. One handed Moose throws Rich from one side of the ring to the other. Swann driven into the corner. Swann with a basement dropkick to the knee. Moose with a huge back body drop. Moose pulling the hair again. Moose wrapping the hair around the ropes and pulling. Moose with a chinlock and pulling the hair. Moose with a slap. Swann with right hands. Swann with a rollup for a near fall. Moose with a urinagi for the 2 count. 

Moose gets a chair from under the ring. Sets it up in the corner. ref stops Moose driving Swann’s head into the chair, Moose with a fallaway slam. Swann driven into the barricade. Moose pulls the hair again through the barricade, Swann screams in pain. Swann with a slap, Moose with a clubbing blow to the back. Moose with an abdominal stretch. Grinding his elbow into the ribs. Swann grabs the hand, biting the fingers. Swann with a right hand, elbow strike, another, Moose with a gut buster. 

Swann with a rana from the top rope. Right hands from Swann, spinning back fist, kick to the quads, kick to the back of the head, spinning heel kick, Moose with a kick to the spine. Swann with a huge cutter after Moose goes for a step up moonsault. Moose kicks out at 1! Measured kicks from Swann. Swann with a 450, 2 count. Moose with a superplex but Swann hangs on, Swann with headbutts, clubbing blows to the head, biting Moose. Moose with a fallaway moonsault slam from the top rope. 2 count. 

Moose in disbelief rolls to the outside. Kicks at the barricade. Moose sets up for the spear, Swann moves out of the way.  Moose misses another spear. Moose misses another spear and hits the chair he set up earlier, Swann rolls up Moose for the victory!

 Rich Swann wins. New Unified World Champion!

Sacrifice ends as Swann celebrates on the ramp holding up both World Championships. 

March 13, 2021 6:54 pm
Martin Dickinson

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