Ronda Rousey is WWE’s Baddest Woman On The Planet and that gimmick is going to stay with her. After her post-match beatdown at the hands of Charlotte Flair, there were a couple options for Rousey, but she got up on her own and walked to the back in a situation where most Superstars would require a stretcher.
Dave Meltzer speculated during Wrestling Observer Radio that when Flair was wrapping a chair around Rousey’s neck and stomped down on it, the idea might have been to let Rousey take some time off for an “injury,” but the fact that she walked off on her own created a much different situation.

“I sort of feel that Vince’s thing was that [Ronda Rousey] can’t show too much weakness because I think he’s booking her you know as the top star, the top babyface. He doesn’t want her to be weak and go out with a stretcher. I don’t know what that means as far as do they announce and injury? I don’t think so the way that she left.”
“She didn’t leave in a manner where you think she’d be injured. You think she’d be beaten up and weakened which is where the story is certainly going to be if she faces Nia Jax in San Jose [at TLC] which is certainly implied that she’s going at way less than 50% and that could be her excuse if she loses or nothing else it could be selling the match based on the idea that Ronda’s got the odds against her against this giant woman.”

It looks like Ronda Rousey’s star power in WWE isn’t going anywhere at this point. She is still the Raw Women’s Champion and likely the face of WWE going forward as their top star. So walking off on her own was the way to go, even if she was legit upset at how the crowd was treating her.
Only time will tell if WWE writes some kind of injury storyline out of this or if they were just building more heat for a future WrestleMania contest. But it appears they did everything they could to make sure that Rousey didn’t lose much heat in LA.
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