Posting Guidelines for Ringside News

Here are the guidelines for writing articles for Ringside News:

– Strive to create ORIGINAL content. News that comes from rival sites do not perform as well as news that is original.

– Always check to make sure the news you are submitting is not already on the site. We don’t want the same article twice. Use the search feature if you have to.

– Always mention in your article where you got the news from at the bottom or within the article and INCLUDE a link — direct link.

– Time sensitive posts: If you have a post that is time sensitive, let Steve know right away that way we can get it out. Don’t post news from a show that ended more than 6 hours ago. Chances are that people that wanted to read the news have already read it. Basically, if you are going to post “What Happened After RAW?”, that needs to go up directly after RAW. It’s useless the next day to post it because chances are 20 other websites already have it up.

– Keep news current. Do not post week or month old stories/interviews.

– Always get your news from the source. If you see a story or Wrestling Inc or Sportskeeda, chances are it came from somewhere. Figure out where, and get the news first hand.

– If you use a quote from another site, be sure to hash tag that site at the bottom of the post with LINKBACK.

– Do not post rumors that can’t be confirmed by an actual source. Basically, don’t post Sportskeeda or Cageside Seats rumors unless it comes from a source. If you have questions about this, run it by Steve before you write it up.

– Do not post single photos. We are hiring for news writers, not photo contributors. If the photo has a story behind it, then write one up.

– Don’t post about Triple H giving out belts, WWE stock updates,  No one cares about this.

– Do not post press releases, poll questions or announcements unless it’s something of significant. These are boring 99% of the time unless it’s something major like a former WWE Superstar returning. We don’t care if WWE announces they are invading India or news like that.

– Do not post filler news. Filler news is basically news that no one cares about, such as WWE stock updates, Kofi Kingston appearing at K-Mart on Friday. Stuff of that nature. We want stories that people are actually going to read. This includes “on this day” or “birthday” posts.

– Don’t post news from the following podcasts, as we have someone assigned to cover these:

  • Vince Russo podcast
  • Edge & Christian podcast
  • X-Pac podcast
  • Lilian Garcia podcast
  • Jim Ross podcast
  • Jerry Lawler podcast

– Try to stay away from indie news unless it’s something super major. Like CM Punk doing an indie show, or an injury or a WWE guy working a TNA show. For the most part people don’t really care about what goes on outside of WWE. The numbers don’t lie. Indie news is very over rated and doesn’t perform well at all. So, run it by Steve if you have any questions before spending your time writing it up.

– Match announcements: Often times we have someone assigned to posting match announcements during RAW & SmackDown. Outside of these shows, it’s free game. Make sure to include the complete card or other matches announced if you are posting about an event that way the reader can be aware of other matches already on the card.

– If you post a video a “ Exclusive” video or a video with an interview, include a quote from the video that can relate to the story. Don’t just post videos for the sake of posting videos. Most storyline “ Exclusive” videos do well in terms of performance. Please don’t post useless videos that have no context.  If it’s a “ Exclusive video from RAW or PPV, try to get it up after the show. If you post it 12 hours later, it’s already dated most of the time.

Topics to post:

Controversial topics, rumors, spoilers, Twitter drama, storyline updates, interesting interviews.

Here are the guidelines for submitting articles to Ringside News:


Make title descriptive as possible and make sure correct punctuation is used. I will give you an example.

“WWE Planning to Draft Roman Reigns to SmackDown Live”

Here is a bad example of a title would be:

“WWE planning to draft Roman Reigns to Smackdown live.”

“News on Roman Reigns & SmackDown Live”

body of post

Always use the correct wording of shows. For example:

– RAW, SmackDown, 205 Live, WrestleMania, SummerSlam

Here is what not to do:

Raw, Smackdown, 205 Live, Wrestlemania, Summerslam

– If you include quotes, please use the blockquote option, see below.

Featured images

– You always want to have a photo with your article. I will often change these or make a custom one after the article is submitted. You can add an article by click on “FEATURED IMAGE” on the right hand side of the screen. There you can search for an image for the title. If you can’t find any image, you can always google one and upload it.

Tips & Tricks

– To include YouTube Video, Tweet from Twitter or Instagram post: Just page the url in the body and it will automatically display when you publish the article.

– Backlink to older articles. If you have an update from a previous story, include a link to that story. See below example.

– You can include cool headings like the one you see in this article by doing the following…

– Interact with your readers on Ringside News and social media. This will help with returning readers.

– Fill out your bio page and include your Facebook & Twitter handle (optional). This will help you build a following.


Make sure you have all the links to any sources you have gotten news from.

Double check to make sure EVERYTHING completed before submitting for approval. That includes spelling, proper paragraph spacing and grammar.

Once you feel your article is ready, change the state to “pending review”, as seen below.

Select the CORRECT category for your news. Do not select “featured news” as the administrator of the site will pick out which stories are feared.

Once you send in your article, the administrator will receive an email to review it.

Any questions, you can ask Steve.