Four Big Talking Points from Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell was definitely something worth remembering. There was a surprising amount of blood. There was an unexpected title change. And there was no shortage of violence and brutality.

But what stood out the most last night? Of all the things that happened, what is the most noteworthy? Here are four big talking points from last night’s Hell in a Cell,

jeff hardy’s fall from grace

Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton opened the show with an absolutely brutal Hell in a Cell match. There was no shortage of  violence, and the two men sought to inflict as much pain on each other as possible. Make no mistake about it, there was a lot of stuff in this match worth talking about. There was a really gross spot involving a screwdriver and Jeff Hardy’s ear. And who can forget the surprising amount of blood we got in this match?

But perhaps above all is the nasty fall that Jeff Hardy took. It almost looked like a clip from one of those TV shows where they show videos of people falling down and getting hurt. Hardy climbed to the ceiling of the cage using a ladder, because why the hell not? He attempted to do some sort of splash or something on Orton, but the latter was able to avoid it. As a result, Jeff just went splat through the table. It was certainly absurd.

So what now? Certainly Orton is done with Jeff now. Where do both men go from here? Only time will tell, I guess.

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