AEW President Tony Khan is well-known for his passion for pro wrestling, but he often faces criticism for his booking decisions and social media antics. It’s a well-known fact that he and Konnan don’t necessarily see eye to eye on matters and Konnan has now revealed his professional rift with Khan over a 2022 incident.

While speaking on his Keepin’ It 100 podcast, Konnan talked about his professional issues with AEW President Tony Khan. He recounted how Khan pulled Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo from AAA Nocho de Campeones in late 2022 because another AEW wrestler contracted COVID-19, and Khan wanted Melo as a replacement.

Konnan expressed his disbelief over Khan’s reaction, saying he couldn’t understand why Khan was upset. He mentioned that Khan was angry when Konnan referred to the COVID-19 positive wrestler as “some chick” on his podcast, thinking it was less disrespectful than naming her directly.

“Tony got really, really mad about this and I can’t even believe he got mad. I was thinking to myself, you’ve got so many girls but you’re going to use her.. okay. And then I said on the podcast, I go ‘some chick got (COVID)’ because I’m pretty sure he didn’t want me to say the name. And when he saw me, he goes, ‘What do you mean some chick?’ Like, oh give me a break, dude. So, would you rather have had me say the name?’ It’s not being disrespectful. If you say ‘chick’ I think they know what you mean. ‘Hey, that’s a hot chick,’ is that disrespectful?”


Konnan also pointed out that AAA has been successful without AEW’s help, noting that AEW is expensive and difficult to work with due to last-minute cancellations. He compared their situation to Arena Mexico, which hasn’t faced similar issues, speculating that it might be easier for AEW to collaborate with them or that Khan might be retaliating because Konnan doesn’t fully support AEW.

“We’ve been selling out everywhere. We don’t even need AEW, and they’re expensive and it’s hard to deal with them because they pull ’em out at the last minute. I see they haven’t had that problem with Arena Mexico. Whether he’s trying to stick it up… because I don’t put over his thing or he’s just having a good business relationship and it’s easier to work with them, I have no idea.”

Hinting at future developments, Konnan vaguely alluded to upcoming events that would reveal the consequences of the current situation, suggesting that people would eventually understand his perspective.

“I’m going to be very vague with what I’m about to tell you and remember I said it today and very soon you’ll find out what I’m talking about, what comes around goes around. And when it happens, you’re going to go, ‘Okay, now I see what you’re talking about.’ So, have your little fun while you can.”

Konnan and Tony Khan also made headlines earlier this year after Konnan claimed Tony Khan issued directive forbidding AEW talent from watching the Royal Rumble last year. Regardless, Khan and Konnan may not be fixing their professional relationship anytime soon and that’s something fans have accepted now.

What do you make of this 2022 incident involving Tony Khan and Konnan? Do you feel Tony Khan was in the right in this instance or was Konnan at fault? Let us know in the comments section below!

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