The Bloodline underwent significant changes, largely due to Solo Sikoa’s influence. He introduced Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa, and Jacob Fatu into the group’s fold, but this transformation came at the cost of ousting Paul Heyman. In light of these changes, Rikishi has revealed why he wouldn’t want to replace Heyman despite his interest in joining The Bloodline.

Paul Heyman is expected to return alongside Roman Reigns, who is set to reassemble his own Bloodline faction upon his return. This has sparked speculation about Solo Sikoa’s father, Rikishi, potentially filling the role as the 2024 WWE Hall of Famer’s replacement. In fact, Rikishi had previously revealed his interest in replacing Paul Heyman as well.

While speaking on his podcast, Rikishi Fatu Off The Top, Rikishi stated that Solo Sikoa’s Bloodline might need a new Wiseman, and he expressed interest in the role. However, he clarified that he has reservations about returning to WWE due to the extensive travel commitments required for a regular on-screen role. Rikishi put on emphasis on the fact that his current focus is on family, enjoying time with his children and grandchildren, which he values greatly in this stage of his life.

“People ask would I be interested (in returning as The Wiseman). Yeah, I guess. It makes sense. Is the scheduling gonna be a problem, cause I don’t wanna hit the road, and that would probably be the only reason why I would probably decline. There’s so much to my life now than professional wrestling. My time is my time now, the second part of my life is to spend time to visit my kids, my grandkids, and it’s nice when I show up to the boys’ homes.”


We will have to wait and see how The Bloodline will continue to be booked in the coming weeks, as it is quite clear they still do need someone in Paul Heyman’s role one way or the other and Rikishi might just not fill that spot.

Who do you feel will be a good replacement for Paul Heyman as The Bloodline’s Wiseman? Let us know in the comments section below!

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