The world of professional wrestling is very unpredictable, and its members often become a part of unexpected events. In recent memory, a wrestling fan’s romantic proposal took an unexpected turn when his partner turned it into an impromptu wrestling match.

A user on X, Lord A Drean, who dubs himself the “Hottest Indie Wrestler Rapper Right Now”, shared his proposal attempt. After popping the question in a mall, his partner, Malicious China, responded with a Canadian Destroyer and an RKO, something that WWE superstar Tommaso Ciampa has also been trying on his end to execute himself as part of his funny antics.

Joined by a referee, the match concluded with a big boot from China, resulting in a pinfall and leaving their engagement status unclear at the moment. Moreover, this unique proposal has since gone viral, amassing over 5.6 million Twitter views, 90,000 likes, 8,600 retweets, and 13,000 bookmarks.

Predicting what will go viral in wrestling is always challenging, but Drean and Malicious China achieved that this week. Whether they will eventually tie the knot remains to be seen, but for now, they can bask in the glory of their wrestling antics going viral.


What are your thoughts on a wedding proposal turned into an impromptu wrestling match? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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