WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff, widely respected for his invaluable insights into the pro wrestling industry, has regularly been criticizing AEW for a lot of things and that includes Tony Khan’s ability as a booker. In fact, he stated that even a monkey can be a better booker than Tony Khan.

If it wasn’t clear already, Eric Bischoff isn’t the biggest fan of AEW. He doesn’t even believe AEW is contributing anything to the world of professional wrestling, unlike what WWE does.

It was recently reported that AEW spends around $104 million on talent every year, which is certainly a lot. In the meantime, there has been a lot of criticism towards Tony Khan’s booking decisions lately.

While speaking on the Keepin’ it 100 podcast, Eric Bischoff addressed AEW spending millions of dollars a year for talent contracts. Bischoff criticized the management, stating that many wrestlers earn substantial amounts but are rarely on television, likening their situation to being in a witness protection program.


Bischoff questioned the ridiculous spending, pointing out Mercedes Mone’s reported $5 million salary per year and her creative control, noting skepticism about Khan’s decision-making. Bischoff then suggested that even a young monkey with a case of bananas could potentially outperform Khan as a booker.

“According to Dave Meltzer, and you’ve got to be careful, but I’m using it as a reference because I just saw it the other day, Tony Khan has a talent budget that’s over $100 million. Guys are making $100,000 a year, and 75% of the people on that roster feel like they’re in the witness protection program. Half of them, you see them only once every six months. If you look at his talent budget and his expenses, I mean, look at Mercedes Mone, $5 million a year. Are you kidding me? And giving her creative control? When it comes to Tony Khan giving talent creative control, it’s probably not such a bad thing because anybody can do a better job than Tony Khan, right? You could give me a case of bananas and a young monkey, I could teach that monkey to be a better booker than Tony Khan.”

Eric Bischoff even stated that AEW is bleeding on the table when it comes to their storylines. Nevertheless, only time will tell if Tony Khan will be able to improve his booking and counter all the criticism meted against him for so long.

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