You never know what will make headlines in the pro wrestling world. Cody Rhodes is riding high in WWE as Undisputed WWE Champion, but the fact is that he also meant a lot to AEW while he was an EVP with the company.

Before the 2024 WWE Money in the Bank PLE, Cody Rhodes made headlines for helping a disabled fan who was initially denied tickets for the event. This act of kindness once again brought attention to the impact Cody had, not just in WWE, but also during his time in AEW.

Former AEW announcer Kevin Kelly shared his thoughts on social media, reflecting on Cody’s significant role in AEW. According to Kelly, Cody wasn’t just a top performer; he was the face of the company and a key goodwill ambassador. Whether it was resolving ticket issues or fulfilling special requests, Cody always stepped up to take care of it.

“The one spot @AEW has yet to fill is the one @CodyRhodes held down. He wasn’t just the top guy but he was the face of the company. THE Goodwill Ambassador. Ticket issue? Special request? Cody took care of it. Talent comes and goes but replacing Cody means so much more.”


Kelly expressed that the void left by Cody’s departure from AEW has yet to be filled. While talent in the wrestling world often comes and goes, replacing Cody’s unique contributions and presence is a much bigger challenge. Kelly believes that after Cody left, the responsibility should have fallen on the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, but they did not step into that role for reasons unknown.

Kelly also mentioned that Will Ospreay is currently the closest to filling the role that Cody once held, but the gap remains noticeable.

Cody Rhodes’ recent act of helping a fan highlights the qualities that made him an essential part of AEW, illustrating why his absence continues to be felt in the company.

What’s your take on Cody Rhodes’ impact on AEW and his recent gesture of kindness? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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