Dijak had a solid run in NXT last year, but his transition to the main roster this year ended up being his downfall. He is no longer part of WWE but he knows how it was to work under Vince McMahon and has now revealed that McMahon wanted a WWE star to fake having a seizure.

While speaking to Pro Wrestling Bits, Dijak was asked about the most bizarre ideas for the Retribution faction during the pandemic. Dijak recalled when Vince McMahon wanted Mia Yim to pretend she was having an epileptic seizure.

The idea was presented to them by a writer or producer, and it was clear that even the messenger was uncomfortable with the request. Dijak and others were shocked, questioning how such a thing could be considered acceptable.

“The most memorable one was… um what I’ll just say it, this is a Vince idea. Vince wanted Mia Yim to pretend that she was having a seizure. Yeah, he wanted her to pretend she was having an epileptic seizure and we were presented this by, I don’t know, the writer, the producer, and they… you know, we didn’t want to shoot the messenger, right? Like you could see in, I don’t remember who it was, but you could see in their face that they’re like, ‘I’m sorry, but Vince wants you to have a seizure.’ And she’s like, we’re all like, ‘What are you talking about? Like, you can’t, we can’t do this.’


Dijak noted he even talked about the incident with Pat Buck, who was a producer at the time and was present when Vince pitched the idea. Everyone in the room was taken aback, but in those production meetings, it was impossible to challenge Vince McMahon directly. Criticizing Vince McMahon’s ideas could result in being fired, especially during the pandemic. Instead, they had to cautiously suggest alternatives, but Vince was adamant about the seizure angle

“I was talking about this with Pat Buck last night because he was a producer at that time, and maybe he was our producer, I don’t remember, but he was in the room when Vince came back and he pitched this seizure thing, and everyone was like… but that’s the way that the production meetings worked back then under Vince. Everyone would just, he’d say something and everyone would just have wide eyes because you can’t call him on it. You can’t be like, ‘No, Vince, that’s f****** stupid,’ because he’ll just fire you. You’ll not have a job anymore in the middle of a pandemic. So everyone’s just like, ‘Okay,’ and you have to take this weird approach of, ‘Have you considered something?’ ‘No, I want her to have a seizure.’ And so, they brought that to her and we’re like, ‘So now we have to go into…’ and this happened routinely. This was probably the worst thing just because it’s so offensive.”

Dijak also claimed that Vince McMahon wanted him to fail in WWE. Regardless, Dijak is more than happy he is no longer working under Vince McMahon as there are limitless possibilities following his WWE exit.

Did you ever expect Vince McMahon to ever want Mia Yim to pretend to have a seizure? Let us know in the comments section below!

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