Ash By Elegance is making headlines with her ongoing tenure with TNA Wrestling. After being released by WWE last year, the former Dana Brooke has been on a career resurgence and exploring bigger opportunities.

However, recently, she ran into a personal problem with American Air, which had become the topic of discussion when it comes to customer experience, especially with Wrestling stars in recent memory.

The TNA star took to her X to reveal that American Air had promised her bags would reach her after a two-hour layover. Upon reaching her home, Ash, by Elegance, found out that her bags had still not been reached, calling them out for their unprofessional behavior and demanding that they resolve the issue.

“Absolutely UNREAL! Connected Through Dallas & @AmericanAir PROMISED me my bags would make it w/ 2hr layover- I land at home and my bags aren’t here! This is uncalled for!!! No one wants to do their job properly! @AmericanAir I demand help for this issues and miles!”


Aside from her lousy airline experience, Ash by Elegance recently won her first major singles championship. With her career reaching unprecedented heights, it will be interesting to see what the future holds next for the TNA star. Also, we hope that her bags reach her soon after being misplaced.

What are your thoughts on Ash by Elegance calling out American Air after her lost bags were not delivered to her home as they promised? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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