Bianca Belair is certainly one of the top female Superstars in WWE who has seen incredible highs over the years and a lot of work goes into her ring gear and make up, something that she decided to share with a recent behind-the-scenes video.

The EST of WWE is known for her incredible ring gear which she makes herself, but what many do not know is just how much work goes into her makeup as well, which is all handled by the talented WWE makeup team.

Belair took to her Instagram and uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of herself getting prepared before Clash at The Castle, notably her ring gear. Bianca Belair shared her gratitude for the make-up team, pointing out how essential their work is to the success of their performances. She acknowledged that while fans see the wrestlers in the ring, they often don’t see the collaborative effort behind the scenes. She described the process as amazing and fun, albeit stressful in the moment, praising the make-up team for always delivering.

Belair shared a specific example of asking the team to transform her into a dragon at the last minute. They creatively used makeup sponges for her hair, cutting them up, spraying them with hairspray, sprinkling them with glitter, and pinning them into her braid. For the body scales, they used fishnets and metallic powder/eyeshadow to create the illusion of scales. She mentioned that this was just a fraction of what they did and was excited to share a more detailed behind-the-scenes video next time.


”Shoutout to our make-up team! Our looks are such a huge part of our success here, and they take our visions and help bring them to life even in crunch time! You guys see us in the ring but what you don’t see is how everything comes together and the many hands that contribute! This is such an amazing/fun (well in the moment for me stressful) process, but our makeup team always stands on business! I told them I wanted to be a dragon, so with my last minute notice to them they took everything they had on hand and made a creation. Hair: makeup sponges!

They cut them up, sprayed them with hairspray, sprinkled them with glitter, and hair pinned them into my braid! Body scales: they took fishnets, and metallic powder/eyeshadow to create the illusion of scales! This is only a fraction of what was done! I cant wait to show you a more detailed video of the BTS of next time we put a look together! #ESTofWWE #BiancaBelair #Makeup #WWEClash #WWEGlamTeam @beautybyjett @madeupbymegaen”

Bianca Belair also recently made it clear that she wants to create history at the Royal Rumble next year. Nonetheless, it’s admirable that Belair wanted to show appreciation to the often underappreciated WWE makeup team and that’s all that matters.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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