Roman Reigns has been absent from WWE television after WrestleMania 40 and in the months since then, it has become very apparent that fans sorely miss The Tribal Chief. In that regard, a former WWE personality believes WWE’s current subpar booking has made fans miss Reigns.

After Roman Reigns’ absence, Solo Sikoa took over The Bloodline and has recruited the likes of Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa most recently Jacob Fatu. Together, they have been feuding with Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton and Kevin Owens for a long time.

While speaking on his Wrestling Matt podcast, former WWE personality Matt Camp stated that WWE fans are eagerly anticipating the return of Roman Reigns because they feel the current booking of champions in the company is mediocre and lacks intrigue.

“Speaking of Roman Reigns, seems like he’s missed. Doesn’t it? Seems like he went from the guy people couldn’t wait to see lose because he never showed up, to the guy who was sorely missed in WWE. And why is that? Perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder. Perhaps it’s because none of the championships in WWE are getting booked with a lot of intrigue right now.”


Matt Camp elaborated that Reigns’ storyline, particularly his feud with Cody Rhodes, generated significant revenue. However, Camp expressed dissatisfaction with Cody Rhodes’ current storyline involving Solo Sikoa’s Bloodline faction.

“Think about it. Cody Rhodes, thank god we don’t have to hear ‘Finish the story’ anymore. My goodness was that run into the ground. But whether it’s the next chapter or the next book. [References his current feud with Solo Sikoa’s Bloodline] Are you in on it right now? I’m not. ‘Finish the story’ did draw a lot of money. Yes it did. But that ended in Philadelphia. What is next?” 

Roman Reigns recently paid visit to a children’s hospital during his WWE absence. As for his return plans, it’s likely he will be feuding with Solo Sikoa upon his return, so we’ll have to see when The Tribal Chief will return.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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