AEW and Warner Bros Discovery have had solid partnership but are currently negotiating a new contract. Since TNT lost the NBA, they are looking for a sports franchise, and AEW could fill that role. The big question is whether they will reach a deal. Tony Khan wants the relationship to continue.

AEW programming has aired on Warner Bros. Discovery channels since AEW Dynamite launched in October 2019. Tony Khan has consistently emphasized the importance of bringing wrestling back to TBS and TNT since the end of World Championship Wrestling in 2001.

In an interview with WGN Radio, Khan praised the success of the partnership and expressed his hopes for its continuation. He made it very clear that they are in talks, and he said they are currently “great.”

“I love working at TBS and TNT so much. We do five hours Wednesday on TBS, and Friday and Saturday on TNT. We’re having great talks with Warner Bros. Discovery. I just had great talks with them yesterday. I’m so blessed to work with these great people and as somebody who loves wrestling, it means a lot to me that we brought wrestling back to TBS and TNT. Know that so many of the listeners who are wrestling fans used to watch wrestling on TBS and TNT and for some of the really young fans, for a long time, almost 20 years, there was no wrestling on TBS and TNT. It’s what I grew up on. It meant a lot with the launch of AEW, that we bring All Elite Wrestling every week, Wednesdays on TBS, and weekends on TNT.”


The future of AEW and Warner Bros Discovery’s partnership remains uncertain. There is significant money and potential advertising revenue at stake. If AEW can increase viewership numbers, it might offer a bigger incentive for a lucrative deal.

We will monitor this story closely at Ringside News. Contract negotiations can bring unexpected developments.

What’s your take on AEW’s deal with WBD? Do you think AEW would be better off elsewhere? Do you want to see AEW on MAX? Let us know in the comments section!

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