The June 21 edition of Friday Night SmackDown delivered a seismic shift in WWE as Jacob Fatu, making his debut, left an indelible mark that further cemented The Bloodline’s dominance.

Jacob Fatu’s arrival was nothing short of electrifying. In a scene that stunned viewers, he unleashed havoc by swiftly dismantling Randy Orton, Kevin Owens, and the formidable Undisputed WWE Champion and Bloodline rival, Cody Rhodes.

During an intriguing off-air moment captured by fan’s Instagram post, Jacob Fatu was covertly escorted to ringside amidst darkness and cloaked anonymity, setting the stage for his dramatic emergence later in the televised show. Bursting forth from beneath the ring, he unleashed a calculated assault on The Bloodline’s adversaries, culminating in a debut that resonated with raw power and intensity.

Building on this momentum, the upcoming edition of Friday Night SmackDown, as revealed on the June 24 episode of RAW, promises a pivotal Bloodline Acknowledgement ceremony. This anticipated event is poised to formally integrate Jacob Fatu into the faction while potentially unveiling their strategic objectives moving forward.


Jacob Fatu’s impactful debut not only bolstered The Bloodline’s stature but also underscored his role as a force to be reckoned with in WWE. As anticipation mounts for the ceremony, the wrestling world eagerly awaits how this new chapter will unfold, with rivals undoubtedly poised to scrutinize every development closely.

What are your thoughts on the unseen footage leading up to the debut of Jacob Fatu on SmackDown last week? Sound off in the comments!

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