The spine-chilling actions of Uncle Howdy and his faction, The Wyatt Sicks, escalated on the June 24 edition of Monday Night RAW, following their destructive actions last week upon their debut.

The unsettling events began after Chad Gable’s victory in the Money in the Bank triple-threat qualifier match. As he celebrated, the mysterious woman from The Wyatt Sicks delivered box containing a VHS tape to WWE announcer Michael Cole. When played, it revealed Uncle Howdy in a dimly lit setting conversing with his alter-ego, Bo Dallas.

The conversation grew emotional as Uncle Howdy probed Dallas about his late brother, Bray Wyatt. Howdy’s mention of carrying Bray’s legacy seemed to ignite a desire in Dallas to emulate and fight alongside his brother. In a chilling twist, Uncle Howdy claimed he and his stable were there to save Bo Dallas, who responded with a troubling acceptance.

Amidst the dark segment that had engulfed the viewers, a key detail that many might have missed was the significance of the location where the segment was filmed that has now been decoded. The Uncle Howdy and Bo Dallas segment was shot in the iconic Firefly funhouse. As seen below in the dual shot of Howdy and Dallas, the door with the board and similar settings of the funhouse were visible in the dark when observed closely making the segment more significant to the ongoing saga.


With Uncle Howdy’s menacing antics taken to the next level with extremely personal comments and chilling actions, it will be interesting to watch the events unfold in the coming weeks on RAW.

What are your thoughts on the location for the Uncle Howdy and Bo Dallas being revealed to be the Firefly Funhouse? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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