WWE is planning something big, and fans are starting to see it unfold on television. The Wyatt Sicks faction is real and invaded RAW last week with a massacre. Cryptic interruptions of WWE programming have continued, including targeting Pat McAfee’s show.

Pat McAfee’s show was interrupted again, following last week’s incident where many fans thought he was attacked by the Wyatt Sicks. It turned out to be a drone in the studio. The June 20 episode of The Pat McAfee Show ended when the power suddenly went out after the Wyatt Sicks’ signature sound played. McAfee acknowledged the speculation but implied it was nothing serious. However, on June 21, another interruption occurred with a “You Lied” message appearing on the screen, reminiscent of the Wyatt Sicks’ style.

When WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H appeared on the June 24 episode, another “You Lied” message played. This time, the show did not end. Triple H asked if everyone was okay. McAfee pointed to producer Evan Fox as responsible, but Fox said the switchboard froze each time it happened. McAfee dismissed the response, and Triple H quipped they wouldn’t take it seriously until someone was attacked like Chad Gable on WWE Raw.

We’re not sure what Triple H has allegedly lied about, or who this message is targeting. It certainly gives us the indication that fans are far from finished seeing this kind of cryptic interruption.


Triple H also mentioned that the interruptions could be mistakes but admitted they seemed coincidental. He then expressed hope that they would all be safe next week.

During Triple H’s time on the Pat McAfee show this week, he also brought up the possibility of Wyatt Sicks and Bloodline battle down the line. He also addressed the current situation with Chad Gable’s health, and everything else, after the Wyatt Sicks massacre during last week’s episode of RAW. We will be here to cover whatever comes next.

What are your thoughts on the Wyatt Sicks faction’s cryptic interruptions and the potential feud with the Bloodline? How do you feel about the mysterious messages targeting Pat McAfee’s show and the implications for WWE’s future storylines? Share your opinions and predictions in the comments below!

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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