The Undertaker, who ended his storied three-decade wrestling career in 2020, continues to influence the entire world as a popular figure. Known as “The Phenom,” his legacy resonates deeply within the wrestling community and beyond and he himself keeps an eye on the current top prospects of the business.

During recent interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, The Deadman opened up about one of the biggest regrets of his wrestling career. To the surprise of many, he was once trading his black outfit for snake skin-coloured tights.

The Phenom wore those tights for his match against Kurt Angle at the WWE Survivor Series 2000 pay-per-view and labelled them a horrible outfit.

“There was a pair of snake skin tights. I wore it in a match with Kurt Angle that really were … I really … it’s one of the biggest regret. [they were very stylish you know] No they were horrible.”


Further, The Undertaker also mentioned that there were rumours of him forgetting his tights that night and having to borrow them from his friend, The Godfather while also opening about his request to wear a python pants to his long-time ring gear designer.

“So the rumor for a long time was that I forgot my tight or I forgot my pants and I had to borrow those from The Godfather and Terry Anderson, bless her heart, she did al my gear pretty much my whole career and I told her I wanted a pair of python pants. She went ‘No you don’t. I was like ‘Yes I do.”

The iconic ring gear, despite Taker hating it, continues to remain memorable to this day. However, as he observes the new generation of WWE superstars, The Undertaker’s legacy and iconic moments continue to inspire both wrestlers and fans alike, serving as a guiding force in the wrestling world.

What are your thoughts on The Undertaker’s biggest regrets of his wrestling career being his snake skin pants? Sound off in the comments!

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